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    I use the spell check in MSWord, but it is limited. Often I use a word I know is a real word, and WORD faults it.
    So I google the word, check Websters and other sources to confirm.
    A good example is the work I am on now. Word keeps changing the word grifter to grafter.
    But a grifter is a real thing...for like 70 years now.
    So I just added it to the dictionary in Word.

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    Before sending a project off to beta readers, I'll use the built-in spell check, then grammarly, in addition to manually reading through and catching what I can. Before sending anything off to an agent (even the query), I'll also run it through a text-to-speech program to help spot awkward wording and extra words. (I've caught so many "the the"'s this way.) Balabolka is a free tts program, and I'd totally recommend it to writers.

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    There's a lot of really good advice here.

    It's good to have something to help with basic grammar but then sometimes writer's break the conventional rules to achieve a rhythm or desired effect in their writing.

    Personally I want to learn about basic grammar from books and try to implement it in my writing myself. It takes time though and I find it's hard to evaluate my own writing which is why I started posting on here.

    I hope to post some of my writing on here and hopefully gain some constructive criticism and learn from that criticism to improve my grammar and style.

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