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    Publishing software?

    Is there some publishing software which converts my stories from my word document into an ebook for Amazon and others?

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    Calibre works fairly well.

    From what I remember with my last book, CreateSpace does all the conversion for you (if you go that route for self-publishing), but it's been quite a few years since I used it--probably ten years, so I don't know what they offer now. There may be a better platform for self-publishing, but you might want to check them out.

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    MePub by Wondershare is pretty good for that. I once threw 2-volume book (with lots of high resolution images) into MePub and it spat out a functional eBook..

    Also, you can upload a word doc to Amazon and they will turn it into an eBook, but your index won't work. Lots of writers do it, tho it looks a bit unprofessional to me.

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    Sigil is a great alternative. It's free, and I'd sooner use it than Calibre.
    Actually, I disdain Calibre. It's files never pass validation.

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    Spell and grammar check. Very interesting as Word 2007 was different regards Word 2016 which I recently used as the later for some strange reason finds more and different spelling and grammar errors.

    So, today I downloaded Grammarly (free). Wow, this finds even more and different ones. But it is I think, connected to their website as it works, which I do not like at all. So that has now gone and been deleted.

    I have just downloaded the trial version of Scrivener but I haven't learnt it yet.

    I am confused at how these programs find and miss different spelling and grammar errors. Is there just some software that you all use and trust which turns my word documents into ebooks with correct grammar and no spelling mistakes?

    Thanks for the replies so far
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    I haven't used it myself but can't Scrivener do that for you?
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    So do I have to code my book into the program with Sigil or there's some drag&drop way to do it?

    It looks cool and very grounded.

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    Re. finding grammar errors - there's no foolproof software. They use algorithms that may or may not uncover actual grammar issues, and the grammar issues may or may not be deliberate choices on the part of the author. It really is important to know the grammar yourself. Not necessarily the finer details and certainly not all the terminology, but the basic sense of whether you're saying what you want to say in the most effective way.

    Re. publishing software - I agree with Ralph that just using a Word doc to upload to KDP doesn't give the most polished results, but it's what I do anyway. If I were writing non-fiction (where people might actually use the table of contents and/or index) or something with a lot of images I'd use formatting software (or, more likely, hire someone for the job) but for a straightforward words-only novel? I just upload the Word file. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done and lets me get back to what I actually WANT to be doing.

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    Well as I have said I have used a free software off internet and 2 versions of Word and each one discovered errors in spelling and grammar that the others had missed.

    Yesterday I transferred my word documents which have been checked over 4 times now and put them into an ebook software converter which I won't give name to as I am still using it for the first time. This ebook converter I had purchased last year and never used until yesterday.

    It also has a 'spell checker' and it uncovered 2 errors that the previous ones had missed..........'coved' which should read 'covered' and 2 'that's together in the form of 'that that'.

    So I suppose at end of day the software is easily fooled and it all comes down to a human eye.

    Should have paid more attention in my English lessons at school a long long time ago.


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