Using PDFs to discuss content about your books on a Wix site

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Thread: Using PDFs to discuss content about your books on a Wix site

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    Using PDFs to discuss content about your books on a Wix site

    Because it's hard to find a way to use multiple pages on a Wix site, and it's probably too expensive to hire someone to design a multi-page site for me, I used PDFs saves on my computer for articles about my books' content, like the characters. I was researching other websites where they discuss different things about the franchise content, and theirs use different pages.
    When I experimented with mine, I kind of wasn't fond of the PDF look. I tried using a blog on the site, but it was too much and I couldn't really classify the topics the way I wanted. This is a new website, by the way.
    I don't know how many people are familiar with Wix, but I don't have the money to hire someone or the math skills needed for coding beyond basic levels. I plan to link this new site to may main author one, as well. But are PDFs amateurish? If someone were to discover it and not like it, would that ruin my reputation as a writer?
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    GoDaddy has a website builder available if you host via them. Domains run about $7-$11 (per year), and hosting is $5-$10 a month, depending on the package you get.

    Personally I build websites with FrontPage. There are other builders out there that do the same job.
    Building a basic website is really no more difficult than using MS Word. You don't have to be a code monkey to do it.

    Dunno about Wix. I avoid those kinda services.

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    I looked into those other sites you mentioned, but thought about using dreamweaver. What do you think?

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    Would dreamweaver be good? I realized now that if the site is on a phone, the PDF biographies would download to the device. I think I might have to delete the books' site and find something else. Agree?

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    Dreamweaver is a good web builder, but it has a higher learning curve than FrontPage (but also is more capable than FP.)

    If you wanna build a page that works well on both desktop PCs as well as mobile devices, you may wanna learn CSS. The two types of screens are completely opposite in layout.

    Another alternative is to use a decision page that detects the platform and redirects the user to a page that will fit their screen properly.
    I prefer the 2nd option (because I'm too lazy to learn CSS.)

    Here is a page I am working on that uses a decision page to redirect you. Look at it on a mobile platform as well as a PC:

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