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    "Sleeping Booty"

    Narcoleptic pirate porn
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    My selections are all timely:

    Illegal Alien

    Illegal Aliens

    Uber Driver

    The Great and Unmatched Wizdom of Oz

    Pulp Friction (featuring Melania Trump)

    Romy and Michele's High School Shooting

    The Silence of the Republicans

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    Driving Miss Crazy
    Every Which Way But Moose
    Soylent Teen
    Pirates of the Carob Bean
    The Life of Pie
    Schindler's Shit List
    Bill and Ted's Crappy Adventure
    Pee Wee German's Big Misadventure

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    I Huckabees

    The Texas Chainsaw Masochist

    Even Cowgirls Get the Flu

    The Incredible Shrinking Flan

    Drugstore Cow Tipping

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    A spine-tingling tale about a monster overcoming the trials and tribulations of scoliosis
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    Moby Hick "Hey! Y'all seen a big ol' white whale? I'm fixin' to run this here harpoon through his hide!"
    Snow White and the Seven Sailors (rated XXX)
    Little Red ridin' in da Hood
    Shawshank Conviction
    The Legend of Billy's Crack (Trust me: This one was a niche market!)
    Snake Buys (Nicolas Cage gets a pet)
    The Fast Temptation of Christ ("Yo, Jesus! I don't have a lot of time. Wanna' go to a titty bar? No? All righty, then. Catch ya' later!")
    40,000 Lawyers Under The Sea (It's a good start!)
    Germinator (It's about a psychotic botanist)
    Silence of the Pams. (Really, Pam: Shut up!!)
    Remains of the Doris Day. (Dig 'er up!)

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    Castle Anthrax hosts Thanksgiving
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    Pringles All The Way
    An Ordinary Ho-Hum Event On 34th Street
    Wild Hog Day (Bill Murray gets gored by wild pigs - HOORAY!!)
    Apathy, Actually
    Cry Hard
    A Minor Dustup In Little China
    On Golden Swamp
    Buffoon (Vietnam war movie that's pretty realistic, but everyone's a complete jack-tard.)
    Top Son (A disgusting little midget who joins the Navy to be a pilot. His dad thinks he's just great!)
    Full Cotton Jacket (They had a hell of a time figuring out why their ammunition lacked the lethality of the enemy's)
    We Were Folgers. (Over-caffeinated guys fighting in the Vietnam War)
    Little Shop of Kinda' Spooky Stuff
    Gremlin (A doomed automobile)

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    Groundhog's Slay

    After seeing more than just his shadow, Punxsutawney Phil's risen to give everyone six more weeks of Hell
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    The Crumbling Infrastructure of Madison County

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