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    It's a pity that NaNoWriMo has passed because I've dreamed up a corker of an idea for a story. Yes, I know ideas are two a penny, but I'd be surprised if this one has been tried before. I know everyone says that but I'll start planning it out in a couple of weeks - after the hagglers have been and gone from viewing my flat.

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    Well done, seigfried! I don't envy your task of editing the beastie I am nowhere near finished my beast but I'm now wondering do I still continue to write using SOC and just lay down the bones of the story or do take a more organised approach?
    SOC is frequently tiring and irritating to read, so I try to avoid it when I can. It can also devolve into meandering navel-gazing.

    I do some of both. Not writing a memoir, but the effect is somewhat similar in that I'm using a first-person perspective. I'm using SOC more to show the emotional state of a given character. One of the POVs is a rather neurotic fellow, so SOC gets used to show how scattered, emotional and overwhelmed he can be. That character outwardly appears to have his shizznit together; dude lies something fierce with his body language, so I have to give an insider's perspective on what's going on in there. Even non-neurotic characters get their moments to shine in SOC or something closer to it; but again, it's about showing just how overwhelmed said characters are..
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    Congrats to the winners, good job.
    What comes after the NaPo storm of poetry?
    Get ready for the
    May 2021 Collaborator Challenge.

    Send your potential partner a fruit basket and start begging!

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