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    wOw, Sigs. The book is quite the beast. Splitting it into several books sounds a good idea.

    I am now at

    Fingers crossed I can get some writing done in between packing and clearing the house ready for our holiday.
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    42,076. Added 1840. WIP's at 264,340.

    Added a whole chapter of God the Father flashback, plus tidied up and finished several more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foxee View Post
    Well, one thing is that he's not my telepath. LOL
    My telepaths weren't talking about telepathy with your bad guy (they were scoping butts with him)

    If it's any comfort concerning your bad guy checking out ladies ala Sir Mix A Lot, I'm leaving off for the night on this note:

    Damn. Infusing the room with the smell of key lime pie and something akin to watermelon candy, Ashling turned around on his stool enough to smirk at us over his shoulder. Bo, have I told you that I love it when you’re sassy?

    Oh, but how much do you like it when I’m sassy? we said, a very flirty smirk on our face. Because I can be sassier.

    And then we beheld the great panty-dropping smile—and if Georgie hadn’t been in our lap, I was certain Bo would’ve dropped his pretty pink panties—

    They’re not panties, David; they’re more spacious than panties. We aren’t some nutless wonder; our coconut candy mound has almond joys—unlike somebody we know—

    Hey, I’ve got nuts—they’re just—

    Hiding for shame?

    No, Bo, I said. They’re big enough that Elena thought they were an extra set of kidneys.
    Dunno where that's gonna go, but hey, them's NaNo words. They count.
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    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    Now at 42904. Hopefully can keep going while I'm on holiday.
    Good luck everyone - keep going!
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    44,093. Added 2017 today. WIP's at 266357.

    Probably should've continued on with--oh, I don't know--the present plot?! but, of course, I didn't, being that I'm somewhat in the God the Father vibe and able to juggle shizznit around later.
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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