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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm both new here and new to writing. My name is Jason and I live near Reno in Nevada, US.
    I'm currently working on a novel. Let's just say historic fiction intertwined with a modern story, based on a true story.
    Sorry if that sounds weird but I've tried other communities before and every time I give specifics I get berated and made fun of.
    I'm extremely new to this and hope to learn a lot. Because I am so new I don't have much confidence and I'm not so sure I'll be a huge help to others so I apologise in advance for that. I've written a few published articles before, but just short "fact" type articles mostly about products (I am a professional angler). This is my first attempt at fiction, or anything really that involves characters, a story, etc.
    I hope today finds you all well.

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    Hi Jason,

    Welcome to Writing Forums. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the forum rules and jump right in. And the feedback of writers of all skill levels is beneficial, so don't hesitate to contribute right away. If anyone makes fun of your writing, just point them to one of my stories instead and they'll get a good laugh.

    What type of fiction do you enjoy?
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    Welcome, Jason! Please post without fear, we're all here to learn.


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    Thank you JT and Harper! It's not so much my writing that gets made fun of, rather the subject. But I hope I can at least learn while here!

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    Hi Jason. Weird just means that you are setting yourself a challenge and that we like. In fact it may be the most important thing to try to find a literary niche that nobody else has explored. I wrote a novel about a time machine that didn't travel through time and the team of people who sat in it every day getting bored waiting for something interesting to happen. Did I meet up to that challenge though? I don't know but it was fun trying and a few people have read the novel right to the end.

    Here you should get fair and honest comments and that's the key thing. The worst thing for a writer is to get none at all as my signature below states, so pitch in and put other members out of their mystification by commenting on their work. Just give as good as you hope to get, in other words your fair and honest views. We are all readers after all.

    By the way, as Harper will confirm, I hope, I am actually an erratic mentor currently in plain clothes, but this is the place for fiction after all, so we look forward to seeing your true colours as a writer ... if not mine. Now excuse me while I go away to skulk.
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    'There has to be some give and take.' If I can take my time I'm willing to give it.
    'The most difficult criticism that a writer has to comprehend is silence.' So speak up.


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