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Thread: Whatcha workin' on right now?

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    Final edits (Transpire), 1/2 pass. Building the emotions in spots that my editor called out. Trying to decipher their weird east coast ways in places they suggested turns of phrase I've never heard of.
    Headed to a weekend retreat with the local RWA gaggle.
    Met a new writing group.. Well, one person in it, because there was a schedule quirk. Went over DysKis. I'm trying to get that reworked after I get Transpire back to the editor. At some point, I get to do another draft of the outline of Radio (formerly shelved as Aardvark).

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    it was perfect until I started doing testing on assorted platforms...then it all fell apart...!
    Web development in a sentence.
    I'm working on a western. It's very twisty, in the sense that the plot's got lots of sharp angles. I imagine it filmed by Sam Raimi. Lots of abrupt camera movements, awkward close-ups and comedic screaming. It's also got wendigos.
    Dead by Dawn!

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    Still polishing that one story...

    And the more I polish, the less confidence I have in it that I'm thinking I just need to move on to another story...

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    Oh, you know, just an entry for the latest flash fiction challenge.
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    I got up this morning at 0400, and wrote 2 blurbs for another author.
    Often when I am writing blurbs I am surprised when they overlook obvious angles.
    This author was a Maverick. In military terms it is a person who starts out enlisted and later becomes an officer.
    So I leveraged this fact in the blurb (tis a true life story of his career.)
    After all, he went from E1 to O5 in 25 years. To former military readers, that is a big deal.
    Tomorrow I will review today's work, and write the remaining blurbs.

    ....then maybe the next day I'll go back to that web project.
    Whooda thunk an online catalog could be such a PITA.

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    Still working on my serial killer novel. I think it needs a few more chapters.

    There's no romance in it at this point, so maybe the MC needs to go out on a few dates or something. Otherwise, people might think there's something wrong with him. Maybe I'll add a few disastrous dates just for a little humor.

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    I revised a story of mine from 2014 this morning. I'm a contributing editor for a magazine called Kind Writers and we participated in a literary festival called LitCrawl this afternoon. I read the revised story there, I think it was well received.
    I'm also brainstorming ideas for another story I wrote last year. I've written several drafts, but would like to do some more editing and perhaps remapping before sending it out.

    Aside from that, I've been writing about aesthetic treatments for my new copywriter position this past week.

    Not terribly exciting all in all, but I'm happy to be writing at least.

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    I'm rewriting the last few chapters of a story I wrote and finished back in 2016-17. When I'm done with that, I have to rewrite the beginning, again, then go through the whole thing once more and see if this one character is really necessary to the story. Then edit, rearrange, mesh together one last time.
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    I'm writing a fictionalized "based on a true story" novel that will have two separate, but intertwined timelines.
    This is my first novel and I just finished up a second chapter, though I'm not really writing the chapters in order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irwin View Post
    Still working on my serial killer novel.
    There's no romance in it at this point, so maybe the MC needs to go out on a few dates or something. Otherwise, people might think there's something wrong with him.
    ...If he's a serial killer, there IS? That said, there's an entire letter of LGBTQIA that does a lot of not going on dates, for a couple of reasons, and we cringe pretty hard at that last statement. There's lots of justifications for not dating if your character doesn't want to date. He could have the tragic past... Or he could just be aromantic, and find dating uncomfortable and weird and pointless, because that's his orientation. Or he could just be too busy, you know, trying not to die. Either way, you can address it without shoehorning a romance arc if it isn't popping up naturally.

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