Whatcha workin' on right now?

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Thread: Whatcha workin' on right now?

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    Whatcha workin' on right now?

    So likely each of you are busy organizing words into a pleasing sequence (writing) so I thought I'd give y'all a chance to toot your own drum and tell us all about whatever you be working on currently.

    So, whatcha working on these days?

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    I'll go first!

    Right now I'm not actually writing anything!
    Actually, I'm web building for a secret project, but on the side I am writing blurbs for 2 other authors.
    Apparently it's a super power of mine (well, mebbe just a regular power...)
    So I have 4 blurbs to write for one author at IUPH, and another blurb to write for a Twitter friend.

    I'll get back to writing when I'm done with the web project.

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    Working on Pinocchio still. Thought this story would be over a hundred thousands ago. I'm at least closer to the end than I had been, right?
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    I'm working on an entry for one of the LM Maneuvers October prompts.

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    Ah, you don't want to know all the stuff I'm working on now. However, if you're interested in music, TV or movies, keep an eye on the music forum, and beyond...
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    I'm working on a woman suit...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ...and a novel. About time travel. 40,256 words done.
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    I'm slacking. I was out of town for all of September for work. This will be the first weekend back, and then it's back at it.
    But still the work I have been doing has been programming instead of writing.

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    After taking a break, I'm getting back to editing my novel, Lake One. I've only made it through chapter two (out of 36). It's going to take a while, since I have a day job. I have some days off coming up next week and a couple of weeks after that, so I hope to knock out quite a bit of it. This will be the final draft that I will send out to agents, if I can write a decent query letter, and if I can manage to get one to bite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
    Ah, you don't want to know all the stuff I'm working on now. However, if you're interested in music, TV or movies, keep an eye on the music forum, and beyond...

    Sure we do...this is a writing forum, after all.
    Besides, you are likely only active on one or 2 things at the present moment.
    Stuff that's been in the fridge for 2 months are not current projects.

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    Today I took the morning off.
    I still got up at 0400, but I was demoralized by the web project I was working on (it was perfect until I started doing testing on assorted platforms...then it all fell apart...!)
    So instead I read the news, and flew some virtual airplanes. I didn't even work on the blurbs I have queued up.
    I'll get back to work tomorrow.
    Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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