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    The NEW Literary Maneuvers Judging Guide

    So, you've decided to become a judge. Was it the promise of eternal glory, pinned up for all to see in your medal cabinet? Is it your passion for quality prose lovingly crafted? Or perhaps it is something else entirely like you just enjoy reading. Anyway, you're here now, so let's explain how we go about this.

    Your judging will consist of a review - a parapraph or two summarising your thoughts on the piece. You can allude to your scores below, say why you scored as you did, what you might have preferred to see. Anything really. Be nice though. Be honest, be constructive, be critical, and gush in praise as well of course

    Your judging will also consist of scores. These are points from a total of twenty, which is to be broken down into four categories of five points:

    SPaG (Score: 1 to 5)
    Otherwise known as SPelling and Grammar, this is the technical side if the piece. Leave aside the story and narrative devices and ask yourself: is it correctly punctuated? Are there typos and incorrect constructions? Do any intentional errors support the voice as devices or did they just creep in? Are there any stylistic wobbles, eg does the writer change tense halfway through? How's the formatting?

    T&V (Score: 1 to 5)
    This is your Tone and Voice. It is not the technical correctness of the piece but the personality and mood of it. Every bit of grammar may be butchered but if the piece pops off the page then reflect that here. If it reads flatter than an unread technical manual despite perfect English then again you may score that accordingly here.

    Evaluation (Score: 1 to 5)
    What is the effect of all of the elements--SPaG, T&V--working together in concert? Is it harmonious? Is there a narrative arc? Does the story start in the right place? Or, does the conclusion not follow? Is the prompt in evidence? How is the chracter development? Techniques used? It's a question of evaluating the story's internal consistency and structure.

    Reaction (Score: 1 to 5)
    How did the story touch you? We understand this competition is about fun at the end of the day, so have a good time with it. This should be the only purely reactive element, where we share how it moved us and what our opinion was of the piece.

    Right, once you've completed the above, simply add up your scores* and send them to the host of the competish via private message. The format for each entry should look something like this:


    Summarise your thoughts here

    SPaG: x/5
    T&V: x/5
    Evaluation: x/5
    Reaction: x/5
    Total: xx/20

    Then on to the next one. Cool? Cool. PM the Literary Maneuvers host if you have any questions - or just drop a message into the Coffee Shop.

    * This bit is really mega-helpful for the host ... thanks in adv
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    Updated standard judge template:

    [B]Author, [i] Title [/i]
    Overall: [/B]

    {your review}

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