Is there an adjective version of daughter and son?

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Thread: Is there an adjective version of daughter and son?

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    Is there an adjective version of daughter and son?

    I know for mother and father, it's maternal and paternal. They even have uncular for uncle.

    So I was wondering if there were adjectives for daughter and son.

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    The only word I know of is filial, which is the relationship between parent and child, not necessarily daughter or son specifically.
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    I think J.T. Chris meant filial.
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    There's also materteral which is for aunts and hardly ever used.

    I think the reason there's no equivalent for children is because the contexts in which paternal/maternal (and to a lesser extent uncular/materteral) usually involve some abstract notion of family authority with these figures. We talk about 'maternal rights' and so on. Children don't typically feature in those contexts.

    There are plenty of formal words for children, but there's no concept of an abstract force relating to a person being another person's child because there's no formed concept of what that means. Linguistically children are considered similarly to inanimate objects or livestock.

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