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    Smoked Salt

    This isn't exactly a hobby but I am going to make some smoked salt in the bbq pit tomorrow. I stumbled across it on the internet the other day, never even heard of it before that. I have bought kosher salt and hickory wood chips. I don't know what I'm doing but how hard can it be, right?

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    Oh my, has it really been three weeks? I got distracted but now I'm finally making smoked salt.

    It's a little disappointing so far because I keep getting a whiff of something cooking on the grill, then remember it's only salt.

    I'm using hickory chips and coarse kosher salt. We shall see!

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    So, three hours later, the wood's all burned up so I guess I'm done.

    But it just tastes like regular salt to me.

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    Guess I'm going to the store for more wood chips, then.

    Anyone need anything?


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