What Really Grinds Your Gears?

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Thread: What Really Grinds Your Gears?

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    What Really Grinds Your Gears?

    What sort of things annoy you? Big or small, world-changing or trivial, personal or universal, vent here!

    For me, I hate to see people at a pedestrian crossing/traffic light jabbing impatiently at the button, trying to make the lights change so that they can cross. Hey buddy! The circuit is completed only the once! Hitting it repeatedly won't make it work better!

    What is this relatively new fad with films, where they don't give you the title or the stars until after the movie is over? "Carolco presents... Sylvester Stallone in "Rambo IX" or whatever. By then, who cares? You've seen the movie, you know who's in it. Why run the entire credits as if the movie is only beginning???

    Payday loan companies: don't get me started on those parasites!

    More later, probably, but what about you?
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    One word: Censorship.
    (I was just gonna post this in "How Did Your Day Go?" But hey, more appropriate here)

    I'm prepping two model planes that I bought. Going over the parts, paint schemes and such. Yeah, I'm a weirdo, reading instructions ahead of time.
    Anyhoo, I noticed the cover art on the box of my JU-87 Stuka. They sanitized the swastika off the tail. I checked the decal set... no swastika.
    EVERY Luftwaffe plane had a swastika on it's tail! EVERY SINGLE ONE! So, let's just pretend that the Russians got triggered, sent a harsh letter to Herman Goering, and out of kindness he removed them?!
    Friggin revisionist history. The truth circles the drain on it's way down the memory hole.

    My Russian MiG-3 fighter model is at least correct. All the red stars were included. Bolsheviks get a pass. God, I need a drink.
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    People always on their phones.

    Inanimate objects that refuse to do as they're told.


    Cher's voice.

    Frigging tip jars everywhere. I slapped two dollars down in front of you for a newspaper which I had to pick up. Why should I tip you?


    People always on their phones.

    Cher's face.

    Any household product that says "Jensen", "Sunbeam", "Dyson" or "Libman" on it, to name a few.

    The public transportation system in my city.

    Kids who blast their car stereos to bone shattering levels and drive around at four am. I get it...you're cool. You are mad bad and dangerous to know. This is obvious because your music is so kickass. You know what else? Nobody cares.

    People always on their phones.


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    People who can't accept when they have made a mistake and take ownership of their mistake...that really gets me going.

    When a knife or fork scraps on a plate, that noise goes right through me.
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    People who don't use their cruise control. Their speed is erratic, and they are a PITA to share the road with. Amateurs!

    Entrenched liberals and entrenched conservatives. As a centrist, I find either group to be most irritating. Essentially they have their heads so far up their asses that they cannot be bothered to pull it out long enough to realize that the rest of the world does not share their extremist views. The politically entrenched are the root of most of our problems in this world. They insist on having things their way, and compromise is not an option. I truly wish we could put them in an arena and make them battle to the death, then send in the lions to clean up the survivors. I hate being forced to choose one extremist group or the other. Where are all the damned centrists???

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    I am a conservative-leaning centrist. I am conservative in federal fiscal responsibility, the use and deployment of the military, law enforcement, and foreign involvement. I am a lberal/libertarian in issues of personal, individual freedoms. If the two guys next door want to get married, I'll wish them a wonderful honeymoon. It's no one's business what kind of weapons I have or don't have, what capacity magazines fit those weapons, and what I choose to use those weapons for, as long as I am not harming others. Basically, my right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins, and vice versa. I think pharmaceutical companies shouldn't be allowed to run ads on TV. "Government that governs least, governs best." -Ronald Reagan.
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    1. People who only use 'feelings' to guide them, while leaving logic and reason completely out of the equation.

    2. People who think the Bill of Rights (2nd Ammendment) doesn't apply to modern day firearms, only to those that existed back when it was first written, yet they fully believe the 1st Ammendment applies to modern day technology such as TV, computer, radio, etc. and not limited to the type of press that existed back when it was written.

    Of course, I guess that falls under the first thing I listed that bothers me.

    3. TV commercials

    4. Any song that gets stuck in my head
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    This is personal, lately all of my friends have been calling me at 1am to tell me about their problems. Don’t these people sleep?? What’s going on?

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    Entitled people. The kind who know everything about their rights (which they have done nothing to earn or deserve), but won't hear a thing about their duties.

    SJWs. I get that it's cool to signal virtue by taking up the cause of the oppressed these days, especially when it can be done with zero effort and at no personal risk or social cost. More alarming, however, I find that the establishment which is supposed to consist of mature, reasonable people is actually humoring the delusions of these hypocritical professionally-offended crybabies with unresolved daddy issues.

    Freeloaders and parasites. It doesn't take much skill or effort to feast at a table prepared and served by others, does it?

    Technology addicts. My last attempt at dating failed miserably after I had to text the girl to either remove her nose from her smartphone and actually start paying some attention to me, or GTFO. Since then, I have pledged myself to never own a smartphone as a matter of principle - I don't want to become like that girl.

    Political correctness. While I normally won't go out of my way to insult people simply because I can, start telling me what I can or cannot say, and I just might.

    The notions of "white privilege" or "male privilege". I'm still waiting for mine.

    Ignorant Westerners who still believe everything and everyone East of Berlin is Russian (and you might be surprised how many such people there still are). The Cold War is long over, people! Read some elementary-school geography books or learn to use Google, for crying out loud!

    Communists, especially the self-proclaimed variety from prosperous middle-class families in the West. As someone from a country which enjoyed all the wondrous benefits for 50 years and will take at least until the end of the century to recover from the aftermath (with a good chance of not recovering at all), and someone with living family members who were persecuted by a Communist regime, I simply cannot overstate my loathing for that ideology. And especially for ignorant, smug college know-it-alls who call themselves Communists despite continuing to reap every benefit of their democratic free-market societies.

    Excessive users of social networks. Seriously, get a life! If I shared everything I do with random people in real life the same way many do on social networks, I'd get my first three followers in no time - namely, two policemen and a psychiatrist. Frankly I don't even get why anyone would want to be on a social network in the first place, unless one has a business or product to advertise, in which case they really can come handy.

    Conspicuous consumption. Frivolously spending on useless garbage that will be out of fashion in a few months simply because its currently trendy doesn't really make one look "cool", but more like "rich and retarded". Especially if the person in question isn't even genuinely wealthy.

    Mainstream popular culture. A matter of subjective taste (or the lack of it), of course. But ever get the feeling that even the prolefeed has been steadily decreasing in quality and content for the past 30 years?

    Pampered youth. When I grew up, we kids played with BB guns, high-powered firecrackers, resolved our disputes with good old-fashioned fistfights, and the only child psychologist in town was Mr. Strap, applying his painful but necessary lessons to our backsides through the loving hands of our parents. It was completely normal for elementary school-age kids to walk home on their own, and commonly linger out until late in the evening playing with friends, even though the streets were much less safe back in the 90's than they are today. Yes, some lost an eye, tooth or a couple fingers growing up, and a rare unlucky few ended up killed by accident or abducted by perverts, but the absolute majority of my generation grew up to be decent, upstanding people with all the parts they were born with. We grew up learning to be self-reliant, independent people who knew how to stand up for themselves, respected our elders and could answer for our words, even if the lessons were sometimes learned harshly at the receiving end of a fist. I don't see none of that in many kids these days, whose world seems to be limited to their social network echo chambers and safe-spaces.

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    - Parents who restrict their children's speech by using dummies. Dummies are pacifiers for bedtime. I feel alarmed when I see children running around in public with dummies stuffed in their mouths. Just watched a program on TV where children are now starting school and arrive with a dummy!
    -People who are offended on behalf of other people.
    - Able-bodied people who park in disabled parking spaces.
    - Hospital/doctors receptionist who have no empathy and go out of their way to make life difficult.

    ETA: people who smoke cigarettes while others are eating. They don't smoke the cigs they just pose with them while the smoke drifts on other diners. The smell of one person's cigarette contaminates a large area.
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