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Thread: What Really Grinds Your Gears?

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    I think this thread is A. M. A. Z. I. N. G!

    And to continue the spirit of ranting....

    1. The last wave of feminism (or nazifeminism? Neofeminism?). I am a woman and hey I absolutely support feminims at its roots, without it I wouldn't be able to get an amazing education and work without getting judged by the fact that I am not making babies, so wooho for feminism!

    But today?

    Jesus. Christ!
    Why are women fighting for words such as patriarchy and all that craziness in a country that allows for feminism to exist (yeah mainly the west) when we can spend all that energy in helping women around the world that do have horrible conditions or live still under outdated social normatives (like how japan regardless of how technologically advanced is the system and support for women is almost... Neglible, or how girls in africa are still being mutilated at their private parts). Really people, we do not need to antagonize men either jikes!

    2. Political Correctness! Why? Why? Just whyyyy? A month ago an actor from disney was fired because he was taken a photo where he showed the signed ok (which apparently now is a sign of racism againts jews that symbolizes white power)..... The heck! Can't we just be decent human beings? Or teach people what is right and wrong rather than drill someone with political correctness about everything?

    3. Extremists! And I am not refering to terrorists, but to every person who thinks they are better than anyone because they think their believe is the unique way of life! Religion, politics, countries.... And so and so, why? Why can't there be a middle point instead of, I don't know, think that everyone is wrong because they don't believe in what I believe? Ugh!

    4. Tech addicts.... Can I drink my coffee while it is still hot in peace without feeling like I am talking to a wall?

    And finally...

    5. Stupid people... Yep... Nothing worse than stupid people.

    Rant over.

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    Whilst I can see that much of that could be frustrating , on the whole I feel these are not 'bad' people, just a bit carried away. Where I have to disagree is with 'Stupid people'. People really can't help being stupid, if their arms or legs did not work very well you would probably feel sorry for them, so why not when their brain is not as efficient as most people's? Most of them are still cleverer than almost every other species of animal, dogs are really stupid, but quite lovable, for example.
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    I never considered them to be bad people, to me a bad person would be someone who commits a despicable act, the rest are like you said carried away and hey we all get carried away by something at some point in our lives.

    But in terms of stupid people, perhaps I didn't express myself properly, I am refering to the ones who have all their capabilities in perfect condition yet decide to remain useless (I know this woman who is beautiful and has all the means in the world to become someone amazing, you know to study, work, learn something or even travel, yet wastes her life away drinking herself silly and partying, and no she has no trauma or any reason to bury herself in sorrow and alcohol, and goes around thinking she is the smartest cookie in the room; Her blurps are the caliber such as "china and japan are the same thing" "all asians look the same" "europe is a country" and so and so).

    So yeah... Stupid people that decide to remain stupid grind my gears.

    At least puppies are adorable and make great companions and cuddle buddies!

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    "Hell is other people." -Albert Camus
    Sometimes, I wrestle with my demons. Other times, we just snuggle.

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    What really gets me going, what makes my blood boil and sets my teeth on edge is when someone hits a dog. A neighbor was hitting his dog with the metal end of a garden hose (of all things). I superman leapt across the yard, grabbed the hose from his hands, raised it high above my six-foot-five in elevation head and was about to bring it down on this balding shrimp when my wife's voice carried through the neighborhood. "Stephen!" she cried. "He isn't worth it!" I realized I was about to land myself in jail and dropped the garden hose at the miscreant's feet with a glower, then huffed back home.

    Do not hit a dog in front of me. It could be the LAST thing you ever do.
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    When I get a story idea only for it to disappear from my brain as soon as I start to work it out in my mind. Ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idreamofalan View Post
    When I get a story idea only for it to disappear from my brain as soon as I start to work it out in my mind. Ugh.
    Get a notebook, then jot down a few words and phrases that express the main idea. I sometimes find a single word is enough to remind me, but you are right, it is very easy to get distracted by the detail and lose the main plot.
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    I finally got 'A Family Business' recorded and loaded, all 37 mins of it, much longer than any I have done before.
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    Cold fronts. Why don't they just stay up in Canada where they belong? We don't need them here. They don't do anything but come down here and take advantage of government programs that have to clean up the snow they bring with them. We need a wall to keep them up north. Damn immigrant cold fronts.

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    People that drive / pass other motorists in the center lane. That lane is for merging or turning. It is not a personal "diamond lane".
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    People who are hellbent for leather to pull out in front of me, and then drive 5-10 mph slower than my original rate of travel.

    When I'm waiting to make a left turn, (American roadways) and there would ordinarily be a break in traffic, but the oncoming car doesn't use a blinker, and then makes a right turn, thus causing me to miss the opportunity to enter the roadway. Inconsiderate....
    Sometimes, I wrestle with my demons. Other times, we just snuggle.


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