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Thread: Musty's bands that didn't make the cut

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    THE BEAU BRUMMELS (Folk-rock, country-rock)

    Best Albums: Introducing the Beau Brummels, More of the Beau Brummels, Triangle

    Best Songs: Just a Little, Laugh Laugh, Don’t Talk To Strangers, Magic Hollow

    Formed in San Francisco, the Beau Brummels we’re one of the first Beatles influenced groups from the US to find chart success. Led by Sal Valentino and Ron Elliott, the Beau Brummels developed a gentle folk-rock style the predated the Byrds by a few months. They scored major hits with Laugh Laugh and Just a Little. They weren’t as successful with their second album and beyond but they would still record critically acclaimed albums such as Triangle and Bradley’s Barn before breaking up in 1969. It can be argued they were pioneers in the San Francisco sound that would dominate rock music in the late sixties even though musically they aren’t really that close to the Jefferson Airplane or Grateful Dead.

    Review: This was a band I seriously considered for my top 100. I know they were criticized for sounding too much like the Beatles in their day, but honestly, Laugh Laugh and A Hard Day’s Night are not the same thing. The Beau Brummels had their own original sound and Valentino was one of the better vocalists of his day. And even after their excellent debut album, you can find a lot from Don’t Talk to Strangers off their second album to Magic Hollow off Triangle, their sort of psychedelic album (more folk-rock really though). In a nutshell, I really like this band.

    Links to music:

    Laugh Laugh
    Just a Little (from Shindig)
    Don’t Talk To Strangers
    Magic Hollow
    Deep Water

    Rating (out of ten): 9

    Beau Brummels biography
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    THE DEAD MILKMEN ( Punk rock, modern rock)

    Best Albums: Big Lizard in My Backyard, Beezlebubba, Bucky Fellini

    Best Songs: Punk Rock Girl, Bitchin Camaro, Methodist Coloring Book

    One of the more interesting bands of the 1980s, the Dead Milkmen featured a driving punk rock sound with nonsensical and comical lyrics. Hailing from Philadelphia, sometimes they could be a little less than PC but more times than not, they were just plain funny. Their most popular song is their own anthem known as Punk Rock Girl. At their best, the Dead Milkmen have a great ability to make you laugh.

    Review: Iíd love to give these guys a higher rating because they are a fun band to listen to, but truth be known, their music simply isnít all that consistent. And they can be a little offensive sometimes such as when they mention having AIDS on Bitchin Camaro (in 1985 by the way). But they also can come up with some funny zingers as in the same song or in Punk Rock Girl (I said how much you pay for this? She said Ďnothing man, itís stolení). All in all a fun listen.

    Links to music:

    Bitchin Camaro
    Punk Rock Girl
    Watching Scotty Die
    Methodist Coloring Book

    Rating (out of ten): 6.5 (but I like them anyway)

    Dead Milkmen on Wiki
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    Without checking the Wiki entry, I wonder if their name was based on the comedy show Filthy, Rich and Catflap?
    Note: Prior to this scene, Ritchie has already killed one milkman in his flat. Not a good day! As his manager, Ralph Filthy says: "One dead milkman, maybe you could laugh it off. Friendly joke, got out of hand, faults on both sides? But TWO dead milkmen? Well, it's very Freddie Starr, isn't it?"
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    I'm not sure how the Dead Milkmen got their name but I would suspect it was a play off of the Dead Kennedys. That's another band I'm going to have to cover in this thread one day. Those guys could be really shocking at times.
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    DEEP PURPLE (Hard rock, metal)

    Best Albums: Machine Head, Who You We Think We Are, Deep Purple in Rock

    Best Songs: Smoke On the Water, Space Truckin, Perfect Strangers, Woman From Tokyo

    One of the early hard rock/metal bands to come out of England, Deep Purple emerged on the scene with the organ based Shades of Deep Purple in 1968. Four more albums followed. Then in 1972, they released Machine Head which featured the rock anthem Smoke On the Water. Machine Head was the absolute peak of Deep Purple’s career but they continued to have success through much of the seventies even with numerous band changes, notably the exit of Richie Blackmore in 1975. After floating in obscurity for almost a decade, Deep Purple would reemerge in 1984 with their Perfect Strangers album and would again become a mainstay of AOR (Adult Oriented rock). They are presently on a farewell tour at this writing but their legend lives on.

    Review: Deep Purple is one of those bands that I either love or I’m rather lackadaisical about. At their best such as on Shades or Machine Head, they’re as brilliant as anybody. In fact, it’s very possible Machine Head would be in my top 100 albums ever; it’s certainly one of my favorite albums of 1972. I also remember really liking Perfect Strangers when it was getting airplay in 1984. I think what separates Deep Purple from their contemporaries is their keyboard based style as opposed to just cranking it up with the guitars. I’d rate them higher but I don’t think they were as consistent as they could have been, but their best material is as good as (don’t laugh) Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. There I said it!

    Links to music:

    Child in Time
    Smoke On the Water
    Just Might Take Your Life
    Perfect Strangers

    Rating (out of ten): 7

    Deep Purple Pages
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