the bands you hated

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Thread: the bands you hated

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    the bands you hated

    I reckon more of them than you liked...I hated status quo..hate is a snowflake word...maybe disliked but teens are angry
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    Not a fan of Limp Bizkit. I can tolerate Rollin sometimes (chiefly as a practical joke on other people)

    Linkin Park was kinda cool when they first came out, but I've been tortured with their music about 20 years now. Keep bumping into people and radio stations that want to play them all the time. Can't get away from this band. They used the same themes in seemingly every song they released to radio, and the same dang songs get played ad nauseum. Burnt me out on 'em.

    I'm actually not a fan of Nirvana either. Thought they were pretty drug-addled and overrated I like a lot of other grunge acts though, so it's more about lyrical quality and the endless hype. Knew a lot of fangirls back in the day, and most were in it because Kurt was hot (same thing happened with Gavin Rossdale and Bush later). That said, for a band I didn't especially care for, they still came out with a handful of songs I really enjoy.
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    Didn't both them top themselves..
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    Wow where do I start? I can think of band right off the top of my head, actually a couple, Dashboard Confessional and Good Charlotte not to mention the entire American Pie soundtrack. What they called Pop Punk in those days made me want to barf- and I usually did.
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    I still can't get my head around Take That...after all these years they can still fill stadiums...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    I used to hate The Cars. They were actually a pretty good band and interesting to watch, albeit in limited doses.

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    The cars...a band I never liked much but that song which was played at band aid brings back memories
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    Bros. And I think hate is too kind a word for them.
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    Watched a documentary about them recently...I don't think it was a bonding experience for them...
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    Never liked Foreigner or REO Speedwagon. To this day I leap for the tuner in search of another station when one of their songs come on.

    Also, regarding general taste I detest cRap (the "c" is silent). Finally, I'm old enough that I call "Start Me Up" a NEW Stones song, and I'm not that fond of new Stones songs.

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