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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmustard615 View Post

    Actually, Sexy Sadie was a nasty Lennon song aimed at the Maharishi so in a way, Susan Atkins was named after the Maharishi.

    Yeah, it's fascinating how someone can take something innocuous (Helter Skleter is actually a playground ride in England, like a see-saw I think) and warp it into something sinister . And how did Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys get involved with Manson? The late sixties were certainly strange times, indeed.

    As far as the soft rock genre goes, I guess you could call McCartney an influence (think Yesterday more so than Penny Lane though), and God knows why he wrote that horrid Silly Love Songs.
    If I remember correctly, Wilson had picked up a bunch of Manson's girls who were hitchhiking and eventually met Manson through them. They hung out for a while. Wilson had a slight interest in Manson's music, but the friendship turned sour and Manson reportedly stalked Wilson for some time, thinking he could help him with his musical career. Producer Terry Melcher was involved somehow as well. At the time, Melcher was living in the house on Cielo Drive where the Tate murders occurred. Bitterness on Manson's part is what led him to decide to send his crew to "kill everyone there."

    Thus endeth the swingin' sixties.

    Here's another tidbit: decades later, Trent Renzor bought that same house, which was where he wrote and recorded his towering, almost brilliant "Downward Spiral" album.

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    1968, when the Beatles white album was released, was probably the peak of the 1960s tumultidity (which may or may not be an actual word, but it passes the chrome spell check). Some events of the aforementioned year were:

    The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy
    The Tet Offensive and My Lai massacre in Vietnam
    The Democratic convention riots in Chicago

    Plus there were race riots, anti-war protests...

    But there was a lot of great music that year. Albums released in 1968 include:

    Electric Ladyland (Hendrix), Music from Big Pink (The Band), The Beatles white album, Beggar's Banquet (Stones), Bookends (Simon and Garfunkel), Wheels of Fire (Cream), Cheap Thrills (Janis Joplin), and a boatload of other albums that make today's "artists" sound like amateurs.

    Note: this post is probably not related to "bands you hated," but it's related to the conversation within.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irwin View Post
    Plus there were race riots, anti-war protests...
    Not to mention all of the social changes that took place: the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the Stonewall riots...some might even say the Vietnam protests helped stop the war..all without the use of social media. If you kids out there think you're making a difference by re-tweeting a meme, I assure you you're not.

    If there's a band out there called The Smartphones, well, I hate them. Don't even have to hear 'em.

    Quote Originally Posted by Irwin View Post
    Electric Ladyland (Hendrix), Music from Big Pink (The Band), The Beatles white album, Beggar's Banquet (Stones), Bookends (Simon and Garfunkel), Wheels of Fire (Cream), Cheap Thrills (Janis Joplin), and a boatload of other albums that make today's "artists" sound like amateurs.
    Don't forget Pink Floyd's Ummagumma. Often maligned by fans as a slipshod waste of time, I consider it to be one of my favorites. For me, David Gilmour's "The Narrow Way" is every bit as good as "Comfortably Numb", and the live lp is absolutely stunning. Beautifully recorded. That was when audiences were quiet and actually listened to the band. Check out the version of "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" the song ends, you can hear Nick Mason's very last cymbal tap as clear as day. Perfect.

    I was born in '63, so at that time I was still grooving to "Spanish Flea" and the Doctor Dolittle soundtrack.

    But none of the acts you listed have ever moved me much. I was more of a Velvet Underground guy (their s/t album was released that year). Oddly, The Stones have always been a big meh for me. I came of age musically toward the dawn of the 70's.

    Back on topic: The Beach Boys always annoyed the hell out of me. And moving forward a bit, most of Billy Joel's songs make me want to run toward the nearest living thing and kill it.

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    I hate/ed punk rock and later rap. It was during this era I lost interest in music. ETA... I also hate manufactured boy bands.
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    I hate it when artists sell the rights to their music to pharmaceutical companies to use in their commercials.

    And people who are paid to write jingles for legal firms. Even if it's four second long, it's an affront to music.

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    Sometimes it's not the artists that sell their songs to companies. There was a time when artists didn't own the rights to their own material by way of managerial contracts, recording contracts, etc. I don't think it was really until the seventies when artists starting out became a little more concerned about protecting their rights as songwriters/artists. Case in point, George Harrison was sued by, not by the writer of He's So Fine, but bythe production company he sold the song to. It was a fairly common practice for artists and songwriters to have little control of what was done to their material well into the sixties and I imagine some of that goes on to this day.
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    Cheeky Girls
    The Eagles, apart from one track...

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    Shot in the dark...hotel calafornia....
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    I have a funny story for this question. In middle school, I hated Weezer. Whenever I heard their cover of Africa on the radio, I was so angry. Rivers' voice struck fear into my heart-- it was so bad. (Still is). Anyway, this year, I had a weird two-week phase where I liked Weezer. But, the more I listened, their songs just became boring and annoying; their songs get old so fast. Plus, Rivers Cuomo based a lot of album Pinkerton on his hatred of women and personal self loathing; it's just gross.
    Other than that, I can't really think of a band I hate-- it's a strong word.

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    That new school rap blaring out of seemingly everyone's car, New Wave, most of whats on the radio, todays trendy metal core.
    ...If it aint Punk It Dont Rock!

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