Calizona is free until midnight Friday!

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Thread: Calizona is free until midnight Friday!

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    Calizona is free until midnight Friday!

    If you are looking for something fun to binge on, you can get a free copy of Calizona today & tomorrow.

    Storyline: Stoner rednecks save the world! Highly accurate, well researched, and a lotta fun. Whoever said the apocalypse was no laughing matter never read Calizona.

    Get your copy here:

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    I'll read a couple of chapters. I could post a review eventually but you are very prolific author and wrote 600 pages of work and worked hard. I'll give it a chance and read it. I don't know when I will finish it since I am always reading books on various topics. I hope you get the reviews you deserve which I do hope are hopefully positive. Give me 2 months or a little more to get things in order. You have 40 reviews which is impressive. Good luck Ralph. I noticed what you posted just today. I want to read it, but it could take a long time. I'll be sure to leave a review though.
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    I put that book up for free because it is the first of a series.
    The first book is the gateway to the rest of the series.


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