Relieved to find a writing forum that is structured as a forum!

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Thread: Relieved to find a writing forum that is structured as a forum!

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    Talking Relieved to find a writing forum that is structured as a forum!

    Okay, I admit it, I'm "old school." I've been a member of various online forums for well over a decade, and I like this style of forum. I was and still am a member of NaNoWriMo, under this same username, but they have recently been in the process of migrating to some newfangled format, and I find it too confusing. So I'm going to keep my membership there but I think I'll find this more user-friendly for actual writing help.

    I write in more than one genre. Science fiction, mainstream/literary, one romance in the works, and my college creative writing emphasis as a major started as fiction but shifted to poetry. Also do nonfiction and blogging.

    I'm 57, female, live in Kansas, and am Catholic which influences my writing as my faith is valuable and vibrant and important to me. I also do visual arts and crafts and sewing. I collect dolls, especially Barbies.

    I have two pet rabbits and a tree frog. I live with a roommate who has two more rabbits and two cats and a dog.

    This past decade of my life has involved several moves which tend to interrupt my writing and other creative pastimes, but I'm determined to keep plugging away and learning better time management skills.

    Anyway, glad to be here, hope it'll foster my writing and that I can be of assistance to other aspiring writers! WV
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    Hi Wingardium and welcome to WritingForums. I see from your intro your writing interests include both fiction and poetry. Do you enjoy writing challenges?
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    Hi - thanks for the reply. My big writing challenge at this stage of the game is simply to finish my works in progress! Sometimes I might make little inspiration games for myself. For instance, I made my own custom magnetic poetry set. But I am the sort who has a terrible time doing group challenges and timed writing. I got anxiety and burnout for a few years doing NaNoWriMo, and swore off it. Then I returned as a forum rat only. Now I'll write during NaNo, especially the Camp months, but without posting word counts.

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    little-self has been writing in English and his mother tongue Punjabi for the last over eighteen years. In the process he has published twenty books, six in English and fifteen in Punjabi. His writings primarily focus on philosophy and spiritual quest with a scientific treatment. His 11 novels, 3 books in dialogue & Essay form, and one anthology of short stories in Punjabi have been highly acclaimed by littérateurs. His writing got him public recognition in the field of literature and earned him Haryana Punjabi Sahitya Academy’s award (India) for the year 2007.

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    Welcome to the Forums Wingardium! Enjoy your time here!
    ~Thus spin the ink of a pen into a web of magical fairy dreams...

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    ls shares your grieving.....

    Best expression

    Finely woven

    Music pours out of your words

    Come Sept. echoes

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberWar View Post
    Try and waken, if you can

    What could've been Heaven, now is Hell
    By choice that Mankind take
    In sadness beauty bespeaks

    Rut of life

    "Ambrosia of the universe"

    God bless u, glory showers upon u
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