Lean and Mean Vote- The Afterlife

View Poll Results: Which story do you like the best?

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  • Going Home

    3 33.33%
  • Paid in Blood

    0 0%
  • The Gatekeeper

    1 11.11%
  • The Dazzling Darkness

    1 11.11%
  • Life 2

    1 11.11%
  • Persephone's Shame

    3 33.33%
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Thread: Lean and Mean Vote- The Afterlife

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    Lean and Mean Vote- The Afterlife

    Please vote for the story you liked the best.


    Voting for your own story is not allowed.

    Results will be visible after the poll closes.
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    Voted yesterday. Or maybe Monday, not sure. But definitely voted. A pity the result is being kept hidden; I think it might heighten interest to watch the race to the top, but it's your poll.
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    For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand. - WB Yeats "The Stolen Child"

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    I think the idea there is that it might effect people's voting if they could see which ones were in the lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harper J. Cole View Post
    I think the idea there is that it might effect people's voting if they could see which ones were in the lead.

    Harper is correct

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    I thought I already voted on these. Oh well. Voted again!

    Hidden Content Monthly Fiction Challenge

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    because it serenely disdains to annihilate us.
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    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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