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    "My love?" said Hector, still taking in the macabre scene of gore. "Who the fuck are you?"

    The woman didn't reply but crumbled her face at this answer. Hundreds of miles of black sloshing water isolated the pair. Maybe Hector could reason with her or keep her distracted.

    "Who were they? What were they trying to do?" Hector asked in the starlight.
    “Is it really you, Hector?”
    The woman’s eyes darted to and fro, her voice a ragged whisper against the howling winds.
    Her grip on the dagger tightened. “Are you now one of them?”

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    "One of them? What do you mean?"
    It started to rain and she struggled to keep her balance.
    Hector heard a crash of thunder, saw the lightning, too soon. The storm was too close.

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    Bracing himself against the ship's motion with one hand, Hector watched the knife.
    A sea-spray-laden wind swept over them both as the ship pitched, the woman's body jerked in surprise.
    Hector grabbed for her knife-hand.

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    She started to slash at his reaching arm, but the roll of the deck caused her to slip on the rain-slicked planks. Her feet slid one way, her shoulders tumbled the other, and she was down. She dropped the knife to free her hands to catch her fall. Hector kicked at the loose knife and watched it slide across the deck, under the railing, and disappear into the waves.

    His eyes turned back to the woman, struggling to regain her feet. His natural instinct was to step over and help her up. He started forward, then stopped. The woman's actions convinced him she was disturbed ... whether emotionally or mentally, he couldn't judge. He backed up to the railing and grabbed it with a hand to each side.

    She finally stopped struggling to rise, facing him on hands and knees, a snarl on her lips.
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    A fugitive glimmer ran over her form that might have been the reflection of lightning but Hector thought, temporal displacement?

    They swayed on the pitching deck, soaked to the skin, and Hector heard a voice shout from the cabin.

    "You guys give one hell of a party!"

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    Hector looked down the stairs and grabbed the railing tighter. The woman on her knees slipped across the deck until she bumped into his legs, and stopped there, her jaw hanging.
    Inside the cabin, a big tabby cat was stepping carefully between the pools of blood. It frowned at the rain running down the steps.
    "I hate storms," it said. "Won't you come in and close the door?"

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    Kensa, I think you scared everyone off with that one! LOL I've waited three days to see who would take up that challenge, which is long enough, so I'm putting it on my shoulders.

    Hector found himself faced with too many confusing factors at once. First, he woke with either an alcohol or drug hangover. Then, he found a murdered woman in bed with him. Now a woman who called him 'Her Love', threatened him at knife point, and lit up with an effect his sludge-like thinking somehow connected with time travel(?!?), cowered against his knees. He stood in miserable weather, and a talking cat peered out through a cabin door.

    How could any of this make sense?

    Well, he didn't know this woman, but she seemed to know him. Could that tie in with time travel? Could she be someone from his future? He looked down and noticed a birthmark on her shoulder. A chill colder than the sheets of rain ran through him. The dead woman below had the same birthmark. The glimmer and the mental instability--somehow he knew without knowing how--the effect of a time traveler being in the same time with themselves. He remembered it being described in terms of quantum entanglement. Hector knew he wasn't a physicist, so that's as much detail as he could muster on the subject.

    But what about the cat?

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    "Obviously, you're overthinking this," the cat said, sitting down as though the deck were still as a board on a sunny day and fixing him with a golden stare.

    "How?" Hector asked before his brain could rush in and tell him cats can't talk, the cat gave a needle-toothed yawn.

    "Doesn't matter but in this weather we'll all drown if you keep standing around instead of doing something useful."
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    Quote Originally Posted by happy-hippie View Post
    Hector turned just in time to see that the woman had picked up the forgotten dagger and was aiming for his head. Im sorry, she whispered.
    (The dagger went over the side. Sorry! LOL)

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