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    christmas open universe idea

    not that I would write this but it was an insane idea that came to my mind. you know how a lot of series take a lot of different stories from the same region or theme and put them in the same place. kind of like how they've done the Halloween movies.. or fate the anime... what if they where to do that for christmas stories and make two mini series... basically take tales like it's a wonderful life, the match girl, polar express, and a christmas carol and just tell them kind of like a marvel cross over minus the super heroes just about christmas. why that idea poped into my head I have no clue but I'd like to see peoples thoughts on this... also I am not writing this I was just curious to what some of the ideas people could come up with for it would be.
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    Like the Tommy Westphall Universe, only for Christmas. Maybe the Little Match Girl hallucinated Santa, Polar Express, and Scrooge all as she lay freezing to death in the alleyway?

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    maybe.... who knows.
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.


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