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Thread: CROSS-MARKETING with other authors!

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    Lightbulb CROSS-MARKETING with other authors!

    A great way to increase visibility of your book is to cross-market with other authors.

    Case in point: Last August, I joined forces with local author and radio host Sharon C. Jenkins to create a short perma-free book that includes one chapter out of my latest book and one chapter from her previous book. I'm happy to report that almost 750 people have downloaded this (free) eBook over the last year. Many of the readers who read our eBook were probably already fans of Sharon and (hopefully) at least some of them become new fans of my work. Similarly, readers of this eBook who were my previous fans probably became new fans of Sharon’s work. This kind of exposure to other author’s fans is what I mean by cross-marketing, and it can be a very effective marketing tool.

    For more ideas on how to cross-market with other authors, check out this helpful article that I recently found…

    I hope you find this marketing tip helpful. If anyone here has tried cross-marketing with other authors, please let us know about your experience.

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    The book that we co-authored together gets the reviews.
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    So it's a sampler book, with links back to your respective works?

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    That's a good way to look at it.

    What happened was that last summer (201 I was in the middle of writing my latest book (Smart Marketing for Indie Authors) and Sharon (a local author and friend) asked me about the possibility of doing an ebook together. At first, I was not liking the idea b/c I was way too busy writing my own book. But she said she wanted me to write about how I keep track of my book sales and use that info to help me refine/choose my marketing efforts. I told her that is one of the chapters I was planning to write for my upcoming book and then it hit me... I could write that chapter or my book over the summer and also use it for this eBook. So I really didn't have to write anything new or additional. She offered to contribute a chapter from one of her prior books about how to overcome paralysis that some authors experience when they are overcome with so many choices/tasks. I ended up writing a Co-author agreement (that I drafted myself after looking at examples on the internet) and we both signed it. In a nutshell, she was responsible for getting the book cover designed and I was responsible for getting it copyedited by an editor plus converted to an ebook and formatted. I also bought an editorial review and bought a few online ads for it (just a few b/c I didn't want to spend big $$$ on a perma-free book that will not directly bring in royalties). This ebook doesn't have many reviews (only 3), but the one big complaint that it has gotten is that it is short. Well, duh. What do people expect for free? LOL Anyway, Sharon and I have toyed with the idea of adding another chapter... just haven't found the time to do that yet.

    Sorry for writing a novel here... just trying to give a little feedback about how this ebook came together in case it gives you some ideas. Hope that helps.
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    Interesting, your material was in the same vein, so people looking for writing help books could get a sample of either offering.
    Sounds like an interesting marketing plan.

    The complaints sound like maybe you had not warned them well enough that it was only a sampler.
    I ran into that once, some book about a bunker. The author posted the first chapter to see if there was interest in the concept, but did not make it clear it was just a primer.
    I dunno if he ever wrote the whole book.

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    You make a fair point. One of the complainers even said this ebook would be a good start on a whole a book (which he obviously didn't realize that is exactly what it was! LOL). Kinda sux tho b/c that complainer left a 1 star review of this ebook on Amazon (and Goodreads) and my downloads slowed down a bit from then onward. Perhaps it was my fault b/c I didn't make it clear that the ebook is basically a sampler (just as you said). Live and learn I guess.

    Regardless, I was still MIFFED that this person (who is also an author) left a 1 star review - which I didn't think was fair given that it is offered for free and also b/c he (as an author) should understand what it takes to put a book together (time and $$$).
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    It's just bad writing karma for one author to give another author a bad review.
    All you'd have to do to crush him is be the first to review his/her book, and it would sink faster than the Titanic.
    As writers, we are most vulnerable in the marketplace.
    If I can't see giving them at least a 4 star review, I don't post a review at all.

    At the end of each chapter did you have a link to go and buy your book?

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    Believe you me, I was soooo tempted to leave a 1 star review of this guy's book when I saw that he left me a 1 star. I thought about it for 2 seconds, but then decided not to stoop down to his level. I figure he'll get what's coming to him someday. When I told my co-author about the 1 star review, she was livid and I had to talk her out of leaving a 1 star review of his book. In the end, we both decided not to do that and not to reply. Replying to a negative review tends to do 2 things: Draw attention to the negative review (which is obviously not good) and can potentially make the author sound defensive (which is also not good). In fact, I usually don't reply to any reviews of my books (good or bad).

    I'm like you... I don't like to leave negative reviews for anyone's books. I almost always give 4 or 5 stars. Only rarely do I ever give a 3 star and it has to be for a good reason (eg, the author went out of their way to tick me off! LOL).

    To answer your question, after both chapters in our little eBook we included an About the Authors section where we included a list of our books with links to them plus our social media contacts, email addresses, etc. I would gladly post the Amazon link to this (free) eBook here, but don't want to get in trouble on this forum. I'll be happy to send you the link in a PM if you want to see what it looks like... it's totally free, so it won't cost you anything. Or you can just go to Amazon and search for Maximize Your Book Sales with Data Analysis. If you are not that interested, it's no biggie. Just trying to help.
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    Y'know there as a good way to deal with that writer without incurring the wrath of Loki*.
    Check his other reviews and see if he tanks a lot of other writers.
    Then look-see if he reviewed his own book favorably.
    If so, then report the review, mention those facts, and Amazon will purge his reviews.

    After all; Amazon is in the business of selling things. They take a dim view of people who frustrate that process.
    They get a percentage of every book sold, and deal swiftly with people who interfere with their revenue.

    *Loki is CEO of the Karma department.

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