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    Madrina's Conquest

    Just a short little story I wrote, being in the mood of writing a story.

    Madrina's Conquest

    Now it came to pass, when Madrina was queen over the people of the kingdom of Plundra, that she set out to conquer many lands. So she entered the kingdom of Jantiar, and smote the king thereof, and she entered the kingdom of Elkidon, and smote the king thereof, and there was no kingdom on the face of the earth that she did not conquer, except the kingdom of Aldomor, whose queen, who had the name Elenor, was so furious with Madrina the queen of Plundra, for making of all lands so great a slaughter and carrying away captive many people, that she rose up with her army, and set out to destroy Madrina the queen of Plundra.

    So her army marched out against the queen of Plundra, but being too small for the army of Madrina, (for she had acquired the armies of a multitude of kingdoms), she could do nothing but retreat, and the army of Madrina the queen of Plundra chased hard after her, and was about to smite every person that belonged to the army of Elenor, but in the final moment, when the host of Madrina’s army surrounded the army of Elenor, there descended from heaven a mighty storm of fire, and in the midst of it, a great king named Alkiduma, who was king over many planets in the cosmos, and he, being exceedingly furious that this earthly queen Madrina had attempted to conquer the whole earth, (for he knew from watching that she intended with magic to conquer also the cosmos), he sent down his magical fire from heaven, which spread across the whole earth consuming the army of Madrina, and her army and kingdom were no more.

    And the king of many planets Alkiduma took away Elenor into space, and there was a marriage between Elenor and Alkiduma, and they became husband and wife, and Elenor was now queen over many planets in the cosmos, reigning over them all with justice, for Alkiduma had found that she alone was virtuous on the earth, who was left alone to stand against Madrina the queen of Plundra, and the kingdom of Elenor, which was also the kingdom of Alkiduma, expanded across the cosmos, and became exceedingly vast with peace.
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    Like it. Any ideas to expand this universe into other stories?

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