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    Working on an essay

    I am working on an essay and I think I will have it finished within hours to a day or two. The essay is about Beethoven(real life Beethoven, not my fictional Beethoven based character), and more specifically, why I call him the master of keys. So far I have this structure:

    • First paragraph and thesis statement
    • History and music of Johann Sebastian Bach
    • History and music of Franz Joseph Haydn
    • History and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • History and music of Ludwig van Beethoven

    And I will go into why I think Beethoven trumps them all and more specifically, how Beethoven treats his keys later on after I give the historical context, and how that compares to how other composers before him such as Mozart treated their keys. When I am finished with it and want feedback from you, should I post it in the Non-Fiction Workshop, or is there a better place for me to post the finished product for feedback?

    And what do you think of my essay structure so far?

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    Wouldn't take me long to start disagreeing with your pov an stop reading...
    The only one who can heal you is you.


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