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    I had suggested Spartacus because they did a wonderful job of making the language sound old-timey, yet understandable.
    I mean, really, they would not even have been speaking English in Spartacus...twas Rome.
    But they made it believable.

    Such a tragedy about Andy Whitfield tho.

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    Yes Megan, it's definitely about making it believable to the reader, and not just the language but as you said, the dress, customs etc. I have done quite a bit of research which will help. I guess I'm just trying to find a happy medium between the language being semi-authentic/believable and it be readable. Thanks so much to all who replied. It's given me so much to think about, I'm really enjoying soaking in all the experience from others. I was a little wary people might be guarded about their craft but it's been nice to see so many willingly sharing.

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    Might I just chime in with another recommendation? This one actually set in the Dark Ages: Gateshead's "Robin of Sherwood". It uses kind of modern English but none of the patois or slang of the twentieth century and yet manages to make you feel like you're really there in that period. Also good for researching pagan customs, if such it is which doth float thine boat...

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