A white man dreaming while sitting on his front porch:

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Thread: A white man dreaming while sitting on his front porch:

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    A white man dreaming while sitting on his front porch:

    Rivers snake across the ground
    as sun catches the water, scales reflect,
    sear the eye; behind the closed lids
    footprints of luminous red sand,
    above the curved tin roof, hidden by day
    stars the same and different, known figures
    turned upside down, scrutinize.

    From the branded and beloved familiar,
    plants transplanted into mulched soil,
    blue cottage flowers sway, fruit trees, fruit flies,
    bruised, fallen rose petals, the quiet suckle of aphid
    loaded shotgun demands attention, hungry
    for twitch of rabbit and fox if you have to kill
    better its the carcass of an animal you comprehend.

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    Danny, I have been reading your poems lately and the your anger in the betrayal and fraud of the white man against the Aborigine is evident. So strong and worthy a subject. But as I read some of these poems, I always felt that something was missing and I think it is your heart. It is as if you are in your head right now and telling me all about it. Your writing and expression always seemed more spiritual and knowing, and I feel like if you could affect the Aborigine view on the same subject it would be so powerful. I'm hesitant to press send on this ...but here goes

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    its a good point and one I am grappling with in this series, I do not want to assume the case of Indigenous anger, that's not my place, I am the white fella – it's that fine line between my anger at what we have done and the lies we've spread while not trying to assume their anger for what we have done to them.

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    Maybe that is the problem I'm reacting to because there is no heart or respect in how the white man indulged themselves.. It IS just as thoughtless and superficial as drinking a brew and sitting on your front porch swatting flies. What was done is still done. Usurping and usary. Just like the damned fate of our Native Americans. You ARE the white man, but just because a white man might murder someone doesn't make YOU a murderer. I can understand how you may feel that you have no right to speak for your indigenous people, but Danny, I think you have the soul, empathy and spirituality to write some gut poems. I really do believe in the afterlife, living again on this earth. I've always mentioned to you, for years now, that I think you seem to have roots that are so deep and knowing. Maybe even unexplainable.

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