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Thread: Is it true that free ebooks are rarely read after being downloaded?

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    Writing for free does cheapen your image as RLBeers said. I write for free for personal reasons and I don't make my works available outside of blogs or forums and most important of all I do so anonymously. All my tip-top best works are safely locked up and unavailable for a free prerusing. If I were a paid novelist with a firm deal then I would cease my free shorts immediately, even though they couldn't be connected to my novels because of my anonimity. They're fun to do and the responses I recieve are oftentimes better than money. I don't have a lot riding on them and they don't contain my best ideas.

    To answer the thread starter more directly, I couldn't say for sure whether most of freely downloaded novels are read or not but I'm going to put my money on the chance that they aren't. The market is oversaturated with online writers and realistically I don't put much faith in this system.

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    Ralph Rotten, I did put a request at the end of my book with links to Amazon, my subscribing page, and the other books.

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    Ahhhh, I see the problem!
    You have great sales on the first book, double digits in 2 categories, and over 40 reviews. Awesome.
    But your second book in the series is not doing so well.

    This is actually normal.
    The problem with sequels is that they suffer from half-life.
    See, only half of the people who read your first book will read your second book. And only half of those people will read the 3rd book.

    Then you factor in that only about 1 in 20 readers leave a review, and that explains why book #2 only has 6 reviews. changed the categories for your second book.
    With book 1 you dominated because you chose niche categories.
    But on book #2 you changed those

    PS: Your books look really great. Who does your cover art?

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    PSS: To still be holding at #14 on ANY list, on a book published back in October of 2018, is absolutely awesome.
    You are doing something right.

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