Rejoice! I've inflicted another novel upon the world!

Omphalos follows Subcutis and Amygdala in my Bona Dea series.

Book Three WF.jpg

Enemies without, enemies within!

The survivors of the brutal Zakazashi need three more of Vitana's artefacts to earn their shot at returning home. One of these lies in the high-tech wonderland of Kerin, but the remaining two are held by the Warring Twins: two planets orbiting a single star, each consumed by hatred for the other. Opening the lines of communication between them may prove an impossible challenge for Captain Hunter and her dwindling crew.

For Gypsy Cumberland, the greater challenge lies in taming her own mind, collapsing in on itself since the death of her mother. Cut off from her friends and forced to fend for herself, she is presented with the chance to fulfil her heart's dearest desire.

But the greater the prize, the greater the sacrifice to obtain it ...