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    There's an old man sitting next to me,
    Making love to his tonic & gin
    He says "Bill can you play me a melody?
    I'm not really sure how it goes,
    But it's sad, and it's sweet,
    And I knew it complete,
    When I wore a younger man's clothes."

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    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    In the novel, the Princess sticks these lines in an encore at the end of a concert in New Orleans, playing the same music as the above song on the piano

    "And One we should never forget to thank . . .

    I went to Hell
    The Devil said
    Wha' will you do
    Now that you are dead?

    I screamed 'What in Hell is it friggin' to ya?'

    Then I sang:

    'Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!'"

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    Slovenly (1984-1992) was an underrated, practically forgotten band from San Francisco. The singer/lyricist, Steve Anderson couldn't sing very well, and he had a tendency for pretense, but every once in a while he'd drop a wonderfully thoughtful or descriptive line.

    I smile toward the warmth inside of me. -from Myer's Dark

    Time sits like a pregnant cat..
    - from Sleep From The Eye

    There are plenty more but these are the only two that come to mind right now.

    Exene Cervenka is a wonderful poet who sang for the punk band X. She merged callous language with sincere eloquence. In Under The Big Black Sun, a painfully honest treatise on the death of her sister, the dismantling of her marriage, death, faith and depression, she describes touring while drunk on scotch this way:

    I took pictures of your town
    Plaid perfume on my breath

    I always liked that one.

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    You're hungry 'cause you starve
    While holding back the tears
    Choking on your smile
    A fake behind the fear
    The queerest of the queer

    --Garbage "Queer"
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    Keep sleeping

    If I don't use the mouse or keyboard a little while they go to sleep and wake up so late.

    Author - unknown.

    ^Those were the lyrics to a review of a wireless mouse someone has written.

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    A Hill to Die Upon never cease to amaze me with their lyrics.

    Blindly I search for God
    For in seeing I stumble
    - Let the Ravens Have my Eyes

    Thou hast the right

    To anoint my head with vermilion
    Mark of the joyful slave
    - Darkness That Can Be Felt

    "Here I am!" Blessed of the left hand
    Guardian of the secrets of the forest
    Grant me shining eyes and silent ways
    . . .I have come for Asherah!
    - The Chant of Mighty Offspring
    "So long is the way to the unknown, long is the way we have come. . ." ~ Turisas, Five Hundred and One

    "[An artist is] an idiot babbling through town. . .crying, 'Dreams, dreams for sale! Two for a kopek, two for a song; if you won't buy them, just take them for free!'" ~ Michael O' Brien,
    Sophia House

    Christ is risen from the dead,
    trampling on Death by death,
    And on those in the tombs,
    lavishing light.

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    I love finding awesome lyrics in unexpected places. Here's one from a song called Witchcraft by Aussie drum'n'bass outfit Pendulum that really nails it. Had to mess with the font to do it justice (hopefully). I love how they use, I dunno - photo and video metaphors, tech stuff. I'm a sucker for unexpected and nonstandard imagery, me.

    ~ * ~

    It's in your eyes, a colour fade-out
    Looks like a new transition
    Is starting up, and shaking your ground
    Turning your head to see a new day calling
    Does it feel like a head to lean on,
    A snapshot from where you were born?
    I'm looking for your hand in the rough
    You're caught in the wire
    Well, I'll lift you out

    ~ * ~

    Hidden Content Monthly Fiction Challenge

    Beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure, and are awed,
    because it serenely disdains to annihilate us.
    - Rainer Maria Rilke, "Elegy I"


    Is this fire, or is this mask?
    It's the Mantasy!
    - Anonymous


    C'mon everybody, don't need this crap.
    - Wham!

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    In its original language, this rhymes and is totally lovely. That said, even the lyrical translation can get me emotional because it has so many lovely lines. While on the surface about the relationship between men and horses, one can look for other meanings, too, and it's no less lovely for inspection.

    Dark clouds drift within
    The longing lures
    pulls my mind
    Will you carry me?
    I want to go

    Fair foal, I bid you
    Sacks rich with gold of the fields
    Fare swiftly on flying hoofs
    Carry me, and I promise you
    Ride out

    The storm is stilled, the mind it flies
    The drum of hoofs lay the beat
    The heart, it follows, two are one
    Sets me loose with speedy feet

    Wild I rode and ran
    Fair foal I spent
    The ride is for the horse the worse
    Pleasant and swift for the sitting

    If I ride you
    I ride more
    As one is two,where knots are tied
    In bonds are bound
    the whole world
    If I bond you I can journey

    If you carry me
    You carry more
    As one is two
    where chains are forged
    In bonds are bound
    the whole world
    If you bond me
    You can journey
    --Wardruna "Raido"
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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