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Thread: Looking for a writing buddy!

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    Talking Looking for a writing buddy!

    To clarify a bit as to what I mean by "writing buddy"... I find that having someone to converse with about my story helps me a lot. I don't have anyone in my life right now that has any interest in writing, storytelling, or anything similar, so talking to them about it is about as helpful as trying to talk to my cat, and thus I'd like to see if anyone here would like to hang out for a bit! This street can go both ways if desired, I enjoy talking about the writing of others as well.

    I'm not too far into the planning process for my fantasy short story/novel/TBD with further brainstorming, (I scrapped everything I had before and am starting over) but I think this is the one! I could talk about aspects of my world for hours, and doing so with someone interested often works wonders for furthering its development.

    However! Don't take this as me using anyone for their respective talents/interest/time. I'd just like more friends in the writing community, period! I'm new to it, and come mostly from gaming communities... Far different in scope, I'd imagine. To whomever might find themselves interested, I have several different platforms for contacting outside of the site if that would interest you, or I could make a pointed effort to become more of a regular around here to make ends meet in that regard. Skype, Telegram, Steam, Discord, and maybe one or two other places I'm not remembering. I game relatively frequently as well!

    So, hit me up if you're interested, currently-unknown people. I'm looking forward to seeing some faces more frequently.

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    If you use the forum for this rather than individuals, you will expose yourself to a more diverse range of ideas.
    If you desire real-life contact, there may be a writing group or three within a few miles from you. Perhaps search the internet for something in your area or ask at a library?

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    I'm actually writing up a few posts to drop here on the forums as we speak! I've got a relatively high amount of social anxiety in real life and having the conversations in a face-to-face writing group that I would otherwise have with someone online is difficult for me. I don't express ideas as well, there's a greater possibility for miscommunication, and in general the level of detail I can verbally express is far lower than what I can express by typing - therefore making the time spent in a face-to-face writing group both stressful and ineffective at the current moment. I'm working up to where I can do it, but at the moment I just... Can't. Believe me, this isn't the only thing I'm going to use the forum for, I just figured that this is a good place to find potentially like-minded people on a reliable and frequent basis, and I'd love to get to know/converse/make friends with writers on platforms where messaging is a simpler and more expedient affair.


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