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Multiple simultaneous projects is indeed an advanced thing. I think the only reason I am able to do it is because I have written something like a dozen books, so I've been through the process so many times that it's easy to keep it all straight. I doubt I could have successfully done it a decade ago.

But the benefit of doing it is that when I am stumped on a book, I can set it aside and write something else.
In the past I would try to write thru the blockage...and ended up writing shite.
So now, when in doubt, I pause the project.
I'd rather put it on hold than write a bad story.
Definitely an advanced thing. Also possibly a brain-wiring thing. It's essentially a huge exercise in multi-tasking. Some people can't multi-task. I'm not very good at it. I literally cannot keep more than one idea in my head. The moment I start on a 'shiny new idea' I'm leaving behind what I was working on. No bueno.

Also...often a time thing. Writing two stories at once doesn't (or shouldn't) decrease the amount of minutes and hours you spend actually writing, it just means you're packing together. So it's either more hours in a day writing (which some of us don't have) or it's a longer overall completion time (which most of us don't want).

It's definitely not a good solution for somebody who wants to actually write books faster without increasing workload, right? The guy who invents that is going to be a millionaire.