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    another word for seam

    Hi, need a few alternative words for the word 'seam' and need some suggestions. Thanks.

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    You may need to speak to the construction of the seam. Is it welded, tacked, nearly seamless...?

    • a line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or other article.
      synonyms: join, stitching, joint, junction, closure, line; suture
      "I use small stitches so that the seam is not obvious"

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    • 2.
      an underground layer, as of ore or coal.
      synonyms: layer, stratum, vein, lode, deposit"a seam of coal"

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    depending on context, sewing, 'The sewing was unobtrusive'
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    It seams to me that with such a lode of meanings you ask in vein for an alternative to suture needs as we cannot easily offer you closure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreaStory90 View Post
    Hi, need a few alternative words for the word 'seam' and need some suggestions. Thanks.
    Ooh, ooh, I had this exact conundrum when describing a character making a kite (long story - literally). That led me down the path of researching sewing methods, so: you could decide which method has been used and mention it there, eg: "she ran her needle along the double-threaded pick-stitching." Just adds a nice level of detail, realism and immerviseness imo. It could also reveal something about the owner of the garment - their tastes, their own attention to detail etc.

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    If you just wanted a simple list of synonyms you could look it up, but assuming you're searching for a a word which is both cohesive and relevant to your piece, some more info would help. Like, are you looking for a synonym for seam as in a sewing hem, a deposit of ore, or... wrinkles or scars?

    I might be looking into this too much, but why do you need a synonym? Do you need a word that means seam but rhymes with another word? Also, granted I'm a regular perpetrator of using fancier words when they're not always called for, some of the best advice I've been given is... if your first word choice gets your point across, you have not overused it and it's context appropriate, it might be the best option even if it's "simple."

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    In the surgical setting, we speak of wound margins, suture line, mattress stitch, running stitch, interrupted sutures, subcutaneous sutures, nylon, chromic gut, polyglactin, dyed/undyed, and sew forth and sew on.
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    How is it going to be used?
    Seam could be two pieces of metal coming together, or it could be a seam in the crust of the Earth.

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    *hands you a thesaurus

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    Seams a simple enough request.
    Seriously though, yeah, the thesaurus is your friend. If you don't have one to hand, there are free online ones you can use. I use them all the time.
    But again, as everyone here says, context is king. Is it a seam in the earth, a seam in a dress, a seam in the fabric of reality etc?


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