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Thread: Horror: Call for Submissions.

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    Horror: Call for Submissions.

    Note: As usual, please do your research with any publisher before thinking about submitting. These posts are for information only. Payment is rather low for this one. They are after short stories: 5-10k. But along with this horror anthology, there are calls for other horror anthologies with them on the Open Calls link.

    Publisher: HellBound Press
    Submission page: there are a lof of anthology calls on this, so just have alook through. Open Calls.
    Story length: 5-10k (on Ghosts, Spirits, and Spectors, others may vary on their call to subm page)
    Submission: Horror Anthology.
    Deadline: SEPTEMBER 30th 2019 (publication in time for Halloween 2019) Dealones may vary for other anthology calls with them.


    ghosts spirits and specters
    ... a first for HellBound Books, an anthology dedicated to all things ghostly. We want your most spine chilling paranormal tales of ghosts, spririts and mysterious dwellers of the ethereal netherworld that lies between life and death. Scare us witless with your most creepy short stories, we challenge you to keep our most hardened horror readers awake in the wee hours, their cynical minds churning with unpleasant thoughts of what may - or may not - await us all once the final curtain descends on this earthy existence...
    To submit, email your polished story to [email protected]

    PLEASE read and adhere to our submission guidelines...
    * Word format saved in .doc, or .docx
    * 12 pt times new roman
    * Double spaced
    * Absolutely NO extra lines between paragraphs!
    * 5K- 10K word count (although we are incredibly flexible for awesome stories!)
    * Write 'GHOSTS' along with your name and story title in the header of your email
    *The body of your submission email will be considered the cover letter.
    * The submission documents are to be separated and Word (.doc or .docx) documents are to be attached to your submission email.

    - Make sure that you check your mss for grammar and punctuation, use our guidelines to help you:

    Deadline: SEPTEMBER 30th 2019 (publication in time for Halloween 2019)


    Payment -$10 for first rights
    Capped at 150K words in total
    "You don't wanna ride the bus like this,"

    Mike Posner.

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    Ugh, all my ghost stories are too short.
    "Ammonia will disinfect sin."

    "Art is life, just add bull****."
    --Chris Miller

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    Quote Originally Posted by seigfried007 View Post
    Ugh, all my ghost stories are too short.
    Oh isn't that usually the way!!! Lol. Either too short or too long!
    "You don't wanna ride the bus like this,"

    Mike Posner.


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