Any urban legend that has not been explored yet?

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Thread: Any urban legend that has not been explored yet?

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    Any urban legend that has not been explored yet?

    I am looking for ideas/inspiration to write a horror short story. Are any urban legends that have been seldom explored in books, novels, movies etc.? I am kinda fed up with typical horror themes like haunted houses, cry baby bridge, creepy cemetery. Looking for fresh urban legends that people have rarely heard of.

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    When I was young, we would take people Snipe hunting. I was scared to death the first time I was pranked.

    Where the horror comes in is out of the young people on the hunt one of them could be a real monster.

    Here’s what happened to me. One of the girls we took Snipe hunting lost track of us during the night. We decided to go back home and get our parents to look for her. Just as we topped the hill, we saw this silhouette coming toward us making a hellacious noise. One of our group nervously said, “Oh it’s nothing.” until it got closer and the sound it was making resonated against the trees. My brother said, “I don’t know what that is lets get off the road.” We all left the road and hid in the bushes until it walked right up to us. We were shaking the noise didn’t stop. There was nowhere to run. I stood and shouted, “What do you want?” It was the girl we had lost, and she stopped bawling enough and said, “I just want to go home.”

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    Think local. In the Twin Cities where I live, there's an abandoned asylum in Anoka connected to a tunnel system. Back when the asylum was active, apparently many tried to escape through the tunnels, but some got lost or committed suicide. The tunnels are still littered with straightjackets, leather mitts, and wierd messages scrawled on the wall. People who have been inside say they hear screams and manic laughter. You could easily base a horror story on that, but you might also have some history/legends in your area.
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    I'm not sure. You can always take an existing urban legend that's popular and do it from the angle of the villain/monster.


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