Most of what I have to say can be found in my thread in the Introduce Yourself section, entitled simpy "Thank You!" However, I would like to thank the Academy and the following people: PiP, who was the very first to even communicate with me, almost as soon as I joined. Seigfred, who was the first to respond to a post I made, and is (I hope) becoming a friend. Ralph Rotten and Luckyscars, both of whom are tremendous writers and have helped me with threads, and also to improve my writing. They've also both given me more belly laughs in two weeks here than I had in seven years on Music Banter. Rojack must be mentioned too, if for no other reason than that he's a fan of power metal, and if that isn't reason to bond I don't know what is. And of course Mrmustard, without whom I would never even have known of this forum, never mind joined it.

I'm sure I'll get to know the rest of you as time goes on, and I'm sure you're all lovely people, unless you want to prove me wrong?

The example given by Ralph in the first post or two is, you may or may not believe, how I envisioned this forum being, which is why I delayed so long joining. I felt it would be elitist, snobby and aloof, and was delighted to find everyone so welcoming, understanding, friendly and, well, normal. I haven't been on too many forums in my internet life, but the main one was of course Music Banter, and while I do not wish to put it down, as I spent many happy years there and made many friends, once you got on the wrong side of the wrong people you were going to have a bad time. The mods really mostly did not do their jobs there. People got infractions, even bans, but usually the same people and there was often a bias on the part of the banner against the banned, while other people who should have been banned weren't touched. So it's nice to see that there's such a reluctance to allow that kind of behaviour here, and that, should there be any sort of major issue, we can go to someone who will actually do something about it.

Special shout-out to PiP again, for having the interest to actually start up and encourage a music forum here (where are you all?) and to Ma'am, for her very interesting challenges and her invaluable assistance to me with same. If I left anyone else out, it's probably because I hate you. Or I just forgot.

It's been great here so far, long may it continue.
And thanks for having me!