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    People sometimes forget that they are not really anonymous online and can be held legally accountable for anything they say or do.

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    Then I'm sunk.

    I'm not on social media, though, so that should give me a bit of a head start should I ever need to flee to Mexico.

    I mean Canada.

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    Hey, there are as many opinions as there are people and even when we disagree a little respect goes a long way.

    When we don our keyboard warrior robes it's easy to grow horns as the red mist descends. If you find yourself in this situation, my pm box is always open and anyone is welcome to tether their goat with me rather than on the open boards.*

    We are a community and writing family. Sometimes disagreements occur which, given distance to gain perspective can be resolved.

    * please remember my timezone is GMT
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    I was part of Ron Peat's Metaphor 3, when he brought the group over to Writing Forums from LinkedIn 3 years ago.. The latter is primarily a business networking site and was about as interested in poetry as the Devil might be in holy water. Our attempts to simply communicate with admin waited months for a reply, invariably a mere 'acknowledgment'. Response time with admin at WF? Often 10 mins, rarely more than an hour. And admin here almost always solved our queries. We felt, and feel, like we've died and gone to heaven.

    WF is a professional host that care for its groups and individuals without mollycoddling or paternalism (hmm. make that 'maternalism'. I momentarily forgot the pointy-stick) . Others above have praised the specifics. I am very pleased to be part of this group.

    A year or so ago, I branched out and joined a group called POETRY FREE-FOR-ALL. At the top of its banner it declared, in red: "We're mean. We're nasty. We're merciless. We're cruel. We're vile. We're heartless. We'll slash your soul to ribbons. We're an evil clique conspiracy to annihilate your self-esteem". The sticky posts went on to further excesses of threat and doom, willful abuse of power and contempt for any kind of accountability:

    - If the moderators feel that you have posted above your current abilities, they can, and often do, move your poem to a more appropriate forum or lock the thread and direct you to post elsewhere for the time being.

    - Moderators may step in from time to time and comment off-topic if the discussion in the thread needs to be directed back to the poem/topic, or if the comments are decidedly uninformed.

    - We reserve the right, without notice, to delete any message or ban any member at any time for any or no reason whatsoever.

    Well, I dove right in there at a devastating comment that misquoted Robert Creeley and completely misunderstood the Imagism movement while using both to rip up a potentially excellent poem. Immediately, a Mod was all over me, citing the rule about NEVER commenting on a comment. I countered that the comment was grossly misleading a young poet. Suddenly, the OP, my comment on it, and the Mod's chastisement of me. . .disappeared. I got a PM saying I had been banned for Life, and blocked. These details are step-by-step an account of what happened. Cross my heart and spit.

    So fascism is alive and well out there in Poetry Forum land. Seinfeld's Soup Nazi looks like a paragon of soft old-school liberalism by comparison.

    Thank you WF for being what you are.


    "I believe in nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the Truth of the imagination". Keats, ​Letters

    "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main . . . any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls -- it tolls for thee. " John Donne, Meditation XVII

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    I used to belong to a prepper forum, one of the better known ones.
    Sure, there was a ton of knowledge to be had there (and I shamelessly self-promoted my post-apocalyptic books there) but the entire moderator force was as crooked as Roscoe from the Dukes of Hazard.
    One time I reported this douche named Bacon for posting racist threads.
    The mod who replied was his wife, and she explained that he was a bit of a celebrity there on the forum.

    I used to get attacked by the mods & members whenever I called out blatant racism, but if I said something snarky then I was threatened with banishment.

    So I put on my troll boots, created some new members, and trolled them in multiplicity.
    To this day they still don't know I did it. They thought it was just little ol' me.
    In fact, I still have 1 active avatar there. I drop in every so often.
    But before I left, I did manage to cause a shake-up that saw Bacon and his wife banned from the forum.
    They eventually were allowed back in, which was no surprise. Snippy used to get banned weekly, and they always let him back in.

    But that takes too much emotional energy, and throws me off my chi, which makes me write less, so I don;t do the troll thing anymore.
    Plus, it's a ton of work being 3 people at the same time.
    Talk about character development!

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