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    I'm about 2,500 words into a short horror story I've always wanted to write. It's just a small thing, kind of like a mix between Alien and Cosmic Horror, kind of a Lovecraftian lo-fi-sci-fi.

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    You know the old writing adage: Show, don't tell. Throw a paragraph up on the screen, show off your work! This is your chance to shamelessly self-promote yourself (or at least practice at it.)

    Okay, I am finally back to writing. The other book was really clean so I only had about a weeks worth of editing before I sent it to an editor.
    Sooooo, what did I write today? What kind of crap have I been brewing all morning?

    This is a conversation between 2 scientists who were born on Mars & Europa, talking about the people of Earth.
    The non-earth worlds were all populated with astronauts. This is circa 2071.
    But this page was to illustrate something interesting; the evolution of political correctness.

    So Roxy saying those things about stupid people is tantamount to denying the Holocaust, from a PC perspective.

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    Y'know, you're only really a writer if you are actually writing.
    Writing since 0400 as usual, I actually had to do a goback scene today.
    I was halfway thru a scene when I realized that it would need a precursor scene, so I had to go back and add that scene.

    So is anyone actually writing right now?

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    I've been editing my novel. Thought I'd post this one passage for you guys and gals, see what you think.

    We head north through abandoned neighborhoods. Houses that once were occupied by families are nothing more than empty shells, coffins, each one housing memories of a world that is no more, reminders of how quickly things can go bad. We pass a pink tricycle on the lawn of one of the homes, back tire bent out of shape, and I imagine a little girl riding that tricycle with a smile on her face, having a good time, and wonder what has become of her.

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    The Coming of Rexy, the Ebb Swan's Reaper...it is a piece that has been laid down in aging ink for the last several weeks, and I have finally had the strength to type it out and post it. It is a piece rooted in the heart, the circumstances behind its creation still very raw, but very small in the eyes of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn84 View Post
    I've been editing my novel. Thought I'd post this one passage for you guys and gals, see what you think.

    Oooh, sounds post apocalyptic!
    I'm a sucker for PA and dystopian.

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