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    What to do about Chopin?

    In my composers story. I mention Chopin a few times and right from the first mention he has dizziness issues. At first it was just getting dizzy after physical exertion. But now it has progressed to frequent falls even when taking it easy. He hasn't found a long term caregiver for himself. Chopin was still able to make it to the composer party but I say something along these lines after he plays me a piece that he composed.

    That was beautiful. I hope the frequent falls don't lead to your demise. You still have so much to contribute as a composer.

    I really am worried about Chopin in my story. If he keeps falling, who knows, he might break his hand and not be able to play piano for months. Or he might break his ribs and be in pain for weeks but otherwise fine. Or he might have some other major injury. Obviously, because of his frequent falling, he isn't going to drink any alcohol at the composer party since that would just worsen his falling situation. The fact that this frequent falling progressed from simple dizziness after exertion though makes me think that it could be an issue with Chopin's heart that is causing all this. So what should I do? I don't want him to become disabled to the point where he can't play the piano anymore because I know that the piano is key to Chopin when he is composing.

    I can think of a few options.
    Chopin moving in with me

    I live on a houseboat in my composer story. But not just any houseboat. This one has a history behind it but basically, I found it as an abandoned houseboat with a piano and staff paper inside and I got a few composers to refurbish the abandoned houseboat. Then after putting my original home up for sale, I moved my clothes, compositions, and other important stuff to the houseboat with Beethoven helping me every step of the way. He even helped me organize my stuff once I got it into the houseboat. So I have a houseboat fit for a composer.

    If Chopin moves into my houseboat, I will be there if he falls again. But there is a bit of a problem. I too often improvise on the piano which then leads to an entire composition. Not only that but Chopin's composition time and my composition time overlap. And I don't have a second instrument to play for when Chopin is composing at the piano.

    Take Chopin to the doctor

    This I think is the best option. I wouldn't have to deal with the overlap in schedules and I would find out what exactly is causing the falling. But Chopin is afraid of going to the doctor. He had a bad experience with a doctor in the past and he hasn't gotten over it. He doesn't want the same thing to happen again.

    So which of these 2 options do you think is better? Or is there another option that I missed here?

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    The best option is the Doctor. Anything else is a temporary fix.

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    Move him to your houseboat and call in a physician. Problem solved.
    Her: (trying to be profound) If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
    Me: (Hungover and really not in the mood) The only tool I have is a screwdriver, so every problem looks like I can solve it by screwing.
    Her: ....

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    Does Chopin have a girlfriend (or boyfriend?)
    That would play into things as far as his personal care.

    But I think both of your choices are boring.
    Is your character clever or a dullard? He hangs with geniuses, so I'm guessing clever.
    You can't get Chopin to a doctor because he fears the hacks because they still use leeches and hot irons.
    He is a very, very bright guy, and he knows that most doctors of that era are shams.

    So trick him into a visit.
    Take him to a pub, throw some Pino into him, suddenly you meet this guy who seems quite astute, very quintessential man. During the conversation he does strange things
    like lift his eyelid, or holds up a thumb and moves it around while watching Chopin's eyes, checks his pulse under guise of telling a story.
    Basically the guy does a medical exam on Chopin, in a titty-bar, without the guy even realizing what was going on (until the end).
    Turns out YOU happen to have been buddies with one of the few REAL doctors in town, and he owed you a favor for some lurid reason.

    The 3rd character in the scene helps it play better. Sometimes you get too much of the same two people, and that third character takes it in fresh new directions.

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    Whoa. Nice one, Ralph. Definitely more interesting than my own bland offering. LOL
    Her: (trying to be profound) If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
    Me: (Hungover and really not in the mood) The only tool I have is a screwdriver, so every problem looks like I can solve it by screwing.
    Her: ....

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    Funny thing: I actually imagined the doctor being played by Benedict Cumberpatch. It woulda been something like this:

    "Whot in the hell are you doing with your hands all over me?" Chopin tried to retreat to the end of the bench they were sitting on.
    "I'm conducting a medical exam." The man with salt & pepper hair said.
    "No you bloody well are not!" Firm in his denial, Chopin folded his arms. He looked like he was about to have one of his tantrums.
    "You are correct, sir. I am no longer conducting a medical exam because I am already finished. You have some form of consumption, the yellow kind I believe. I need you in my office this afternoon at three-thirty, sharp." The Doctor reached out and grabbed the mug from me. "Do not eat or drink from his dishes; yellow consumption is contagious."
    "Really?" I croaked out before trying to rinse my mouth out with Pino. I had been stealing his wine whenever he looked away because I was so damned broke at the time.
    "Yes, quite." This time the Doctor looked at me, but more as if he expected to begin seeing me as a patient soon.
    "I should really eat more apples." I moaned as I remembered the axiom my Mother had ingrained into me. Instead, the only apples I consumed had been juiced and fermented into apple wine. Somehow I doubt they both have the same curative effects.


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