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    Title Selection for eBook

    Dear fellow writers,

    I need your input on the best title to choose for my eBook. If you were to decide on an eBook to read by title alone, which of the following titles would you choose?

    A) Roger Stark

    B) Going Nuts

    C) King of the Bullies

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    Well, the first one is just a name, and suggests nothing about character or genre or theme. So with that one I have nothing to go on--no reason at all to pick up the book.

    The second one is better than the first but sort of generic.

    The third is probably the best--it suggests to me a realistic fiction children's book, comparable to Andrew Clemons' work, maybe. If that's what you're going for I think it works.

    It's really hard to gauge, though, because prior knowledge of the author, the cover, the blurb, and the reviews (in that order) are what actually determine whether I will buy a book or not.


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