Spanish Civil War

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Thread: Spanish Civil War

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    Spanish Civil War

    I am seeking a beta reader for my Spanish Civil war themed MS.

    TITLE: The Bitter Root
    GENRE: Crime mystery.
    WORD COUNT: 76k
    BLURB: In 1936 Franco’s forces sweep through Andalucía. In Estepona, Garragris, a local blacksmith, executes thirty townsfolk.

    It’s 1972, London is on strike and Randall Duncan, hard-bitten Ad-man, is struggling to save his agency. The last thing he needs is a distraction, like, Carlos his hated half-brother found on a Spanish mountain with his throat cut.

    Reluctantly, he arrives in the sleepy coastal town of Estepona, where everybody knew Carlos, but nobody reported him missing. The Guardia are obstructive, the British Counsel have their hands full with Gibraltar and Randall needs to get back to London. But when he discovers Carlos was killed on the old civil war execution ground, he gets curious and then someone tries to kill him, and Randall gets mad…

    SENSITIVITY CONTENT: Offensive language.
    AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: Adult beach read. Low on descriptive narrative, highly paced.
    EXPECTATIONS: Any comments on plot holes, boring bits, characters you like and those you don’t…anything you think needs improvement.
    TIMESCALE: In your own time, it’s a full-length novel.
    AVAILABLE FORMATS: I will send in ‘Word’. You can use the Review>Comment (margin comment facility) if you like or if you prefer, comments at the end of chapters, or even a general critique at the end.

    I am happy to reciprocate. Unfortunately, I don’t read fantasy, or sci-fi, so any beta reading in these categories would be useless.

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    Sadly, no takers - still seeking a Beta (sob).

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    Thanks for the reply, hopefully this will bring it to readers' attention.
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    Time is tight for me but I can go through two or three chapters if that's any use. I had friends who lived in Estepona. Ha ha. The spellcheck software suggested Stepson for Estepona.

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    I'll have a go at it. PM'd email.
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    Very interesting. Where are you coming from with background?


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    Sorry Moose, I missed you reply...i'll PM you


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    I might be a bit late, but it's my kind of read. Let me know!
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    Bless you Taylor,
    Beta readers are never late.
    I will PM you to-morrow, I am GMT time zone.


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    QI...Spanish Civil War...Nationalists more curious for fiction tho...I'll play if you're stuck.

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