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    I'm forever stuck. I'm so stuck in stuckiness, I'm stuckified.

    However,...not certain what you mean by, 'Nationalists more curious for fiction tho (?)'

    PM me if you would like a sample to get stuck into.

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    'Nationalists more curious for fiction tho (?)'

    Probably I was suffering from 'what I want to talk about' v 'what I want to talk about.' I studied a lot of Spanish 1930s history & lit. [mainly Republican, and was 'curious' after a colleague mentioned his father fought for Franco.]

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    Sounds interesting. I'm not as versed in the Spanish Civil War as some, but I'd be willing to take a crack at it.
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    OP's writing a thriller tho'

    I explored the graveyard. Before my eyes sat the row of headstones all engraved Fernandez, and the mayor of the town too, he was Fernandez, the waiter also. That night I returned to my hotel room, unable to unravel the mystery, I dressed and I rushed to the graveyard. I would unearth the mystery.

    I'd be more inclined toward the trench opener:

    Gonzalez spat, rivulets ran down his face, the rain, and our terrain of trench before us. Three troopers armed with a bayonet, a rifle, three rounds and beyond that the mudscape 110 000 Legion troops massed for our destruction.

    GREAT WIP IN draft series
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    That sounds awesome. I love that time period. I'll read and critique it if you still need help.

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    Great news, many thanks. I suggest I send you the first three chapters (in Word.docx) and you tell me if it's something you'd like to get involved with and we'll take it from there.

    Is that okay with you?


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    I'm reading Peter Kemp's account of joining the Nationalists.

    The book's giving me a lot of pleasure. His motivation seems rather twisted/archaic, his:

    'I wanted to get in & on, do some fighting, killing before marriage, the country estate lifestyle to which I am entitled. Meeting generals in the bistro, Giron opined I might be a lieutenant. "I hate Reds," I replied. We toasted in sherries, while the wines were mainly abominable vintage and coarse, suitable for only peasant foot soldiers, our plucky fellows rested in the stables..'

    Later there's very evocative combat scenes...I am halfway through
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    Admin note:

    Let's keep the Beta readers forum about the request only
    Thank you!

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