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    Paperbacks and custom dimensions

    For this next book I am really wanting to go with a classic 4x6" paperback format.
    But that is a custom format with Amazon. I've never tried a custom format.
    Has anyone here?
    Any problems?**

    **Yep, I know about not being able to use expanded distribution, but that's just a rip off any how. It jacks your book price up $5 and makes the cover price scream vanity press. So please, do not check that box for expanded distribution. It's a rip off!

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    No, sorry. I tend to stick with the usual 6 x 9.
    "You don't wanna ride the bus like this,"

    Mike Posner.

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    I wish I was at this point yet. I'm still not sure about font, margins, nounnadat.
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    I just made a $25 mistake.
    I selected a 4x6 trim, then got the first proof and realized it was an inch too short.
    It looks like a pocket book.
    So I went back to fix it...and discovered that the book had gone live (I had erroneously been told that you could now pre-sale print books)
    Once you publish, you are stuck with the trim size. The book has now been registered (under that ISBN number) as a 4x6 trim size.

    So the fix is to republish under a new ISBN.

    The upside is that if the book takes off, I can always market a 'special edition' 4x6 pocket book.
    I've paid for the ISBN, after all.

    The new book will be 4x7.


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