Am I Missing Something re: Workshops?

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Thread: Am I Missing Something re: Workshops?

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    Am I Missing Something re: Workshops?

    Some topic forums include notes to the effect that if one wants to protect one's copyright, one should post in Workshops rather than on the open boards, which can be seen by pretty much anyone. Having muddled through the unpleasant experience of seeing one of my books available for download as a pdf on a site which was unknown to me, then having to contact the admins, prove my copyright, and get the pirated version removed, I really don't fancy going through it again and would rather post on the Workshops.

    I have searched through all of the informational pages and FAQ's I could find, but I couldn't find anything about the Workshops. Of course, I can't get into the Workshops either, which I assume is because I haven't made my ten initial posts yet.

    So... I am looking for more info about the Workshops, since that is where I will choose to post my new work. I would be grateful for either a) an explanation about them, or b) a link to whatever relevant informational page I may have missed.


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    Various stickied threads. The rules talks about copyright issues. You do have to make 10 posts before you can post work.

    The only real difference between Workshop and non-workshop in reality is that because Workshop is a private forum and cannot be accessed via search engines, therefore posting there doesn't make your work 'published' in any sense - which is only potentially a problem if you intend on submitting that same work unchanged later to somewhere that would expect some kind of exclusivity if they bought it (which is most places).

    By virtue of not being so easily accessed work posted in Workshop may also limit the risk of plagiarism, although obviously that still exists with anything you put on the internet.
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    Obviously you are putting your faith in other members when you post your work in a workshop even though it is not legally deemed to have been published. The solution to that, not that it is likely to be a real issue, is only to post extracts of your work rather than the whole thing, unless it is something short. If you want an entire long work read then you can ask for beta readers and supply it only to them privately by any agreed means.

    I had a similar experience of unauthorised copying with a picture that appears on one of my websites. I wanted a picture of a Honeywell 200 computer but as no clear colour ones appear to exist I created one using CGI and a lot of detailed measurements taken from many different sources. This involved me in a lot of work and even my computer took over 50 hours of continuous processing to generate the final beauty version of the image. Not so long ago I noticed my picture on another website where it was implied to be a genuine picture of such a machine, so I contacted the administrator of the site and pointed out that in fact it was an artist's impression of one created by me and that I hadn't authorised its use to mislead people in this way. On my own website it is clearly stated that the image is CGI. While I was obviously annoyed at someone taking advantage of my hard work in this way I was more concerned about the deception as I started the project covered by my website specifically to overcome misconceptions about the Honeywell 200 computer. For this reason I regularly search the Internet for any references to the machine to add to my research, which is how I found the copy of my picture.

    Yes, as Luckyscars says, anything placed on the internet is vulnerable to some extent.
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