on vagueness of superheroes

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Thread: on vagueness of superheroes

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    on vagueness of superheroes

    I was discussing with someone what the definition of super hero was. the discussion arose because this guy thinks that goku was a superhero. I pointed out that his definition would reclassify anything in the fantasy genre{like the cw show charmed} into a super hero show... that is ludicrous. I looked around and the most definitions seem to just say hero with super powers. which is the vaguest of all possible interpretations. so what's your thoughts on what makes a character a super hero because I see it now, according to current definition, the super hero genre gets defined out of existence due to it being everything.

    P>.s. according to this definition gadolph the grey is a super hero.
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    If they have super powers (super-human) and they use them for good, then they are a superhero.
    If they use those powers for evil then they are an archvillain, or just plain old arch.
    So any power that is defined as superhuman would put them on the map.

    But not these guys.
    They were only super-funny.

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    But then doesn't that make gadolf from lotr a super hero.

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    Hey nice to see you still around here. To answer your question this is subjective. But gandalf isn't one of the protagonists, and fantasy seems to be a genre label .For movies probably. It's rare to see it in fiction. It does exist in fiction and sometimes authors like to label their work for marketing purposes a certain way, and for criticism. They refuse to label their work science fiction in some cases. One of them for instance is margaret atwood. When ursula le guin released her novel, she had no idea what she started.

    Super hero can have its definition in literature too, but notice the influences. A lot of comics are considered super hero, and I have no idea what a good definition would be to give a good answer.

    So therefore, super hero is probably a character that has super powers. And doesn't rely on myth to tell its story. Magic is used in all sorts of myth.
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    That's a good point.


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