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Thread: What perspective do you take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahand View Post
    ...as I find it gets confusing to switch first person perspectives. I know there are writers who do, and do it successfully, but the a lot of writers end up throwing me out of the narrative when they switch.
    Hi dahand!

    I agree; inconsistency is the bane of many fields, not just writing.

    It shows a lack of focus.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmmaSohan View Post
    What perspective do you take when you read?

    I mean, the obvious is camera, where you are watching the scene like it's a movie.

    When there's a focal character, I get close to the focal character, but I don't know how to describe it. That can be even in third person past.

    Then there's first person present, which I would very much like to hear from people who don't like it. That you are the main character? That you are seeing the story from the character's eyes?

    And sometimes a book forces me to see it as the character narrating.
    I look at it from the point of view of character relationships and character change, underlined by theme and debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newman View Post
    I look at it from the point of view of character relationships and character change, underlined by theme and debate.
    That would be like a camera view, looking at both characters equally?
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    Depends on the book. reading some I feel involved, others engage, some interest and some, as Dorothy Parker once said, should not be set aside lightly, they should be thrown with great force...
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    I was just wondering whether the characters would seem flatter if I read with one eye closed.

    As is often the case with my remarks, that one may either be completely facetious or a reference to a writer's reasonable expectation that the reader be fully receptive to his efforts. On the other hand, if the writer confines the reader to seeing his work as though through a camera lens or keyhole then perhaps this one-eyed view will not satisfy the reader.

    That interpretation may appear profound, but actually I was just being facetious. Perhaps then, even as this post illustrates, readers can see far more than was meant to be present if they adopt a different perspective. No, actually I'm just doing it again. Honestly, I was just being facetious.

    Now perhaps you will feel obliged to read my post from my perspective, but it's hard work persuading you to do so. Readers always have the last say.
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