Hello everyone and some advice needed!

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Thread: Hello everyone and some advice needed!

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    Hello everyone and some advice needed!

    Hi everyone! Just a little bit about myself: I have always dreamed of being a writer and I have written many short stories, rhyming poems, and created worlds and adventures for roleplaying games. I have always thought about writing a novel and started many times, but never finished. A few months ago, I decided I would write a script. I thought of the story, and the characters just came to me. I decided to finish the story and then format it. Maybe that was a bad idea since I know nothing about script writing. I do not hold any hopes of having a blockbuster, but I do want to complete this. Is it difficult to format a script from a story? My story is all in 12 point courier font, but I need to format it to script standard rules. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Formatting is the last thing to worry about.
    You want to build a house. You have a blueprint, and if you drafted it, a rough frame. Now is not the time to worry about the countertops and cabinets. You don't even have a roof!

    Finish your draft. Print it with two inch margins double spaces. Stick it in a binder and set it aside, do something else for a bit. A couple weeks.
    Read it cover to cover. Don't edit. Now go back to the top and go over it, making notes about problems.
    Build an outline and series bible of people and places and details. Do a major editing pass, rearranging sections, discarding anything doesn't have a point in the story. Then make another pass smoothing it all together and getting the details consistent. Take out everything that does not move the story.
    Then read it aloud, word for word, and change every sentence to sound good and be concise.

    At this point, you have lots of trash in the word file, so convert it to a raw .TXT file, word wrap off. Delete every tab, make sure there's no weird breaks. Put it back in a word processor and NOW you can format it.

    Then it's ready for the next step.

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    There are a number of books that cover the basic formatting of scripts. They are inexpensive.

    This sounds like a good piece of work to practice on.

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    Welcome to this forum and continue your practice. Kindly share your writings here with the others.

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    I also agree that you should focus on finishing the draft first. From there, you can work with it.


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    When I started writing it was in the script format. There are a lot of programs that help with the format Highland being one of them.
    It is a tough market, as most studios have readers that screen everything before anyone of importance sees it.
    It is very different from writing a novel in the scene is painted for you by the location, wardrobe, and characters.
    Also, the hook is before the credits roll to get you into the story.


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