In an effort to be more realistic with my monsters I've delved into the world of fashion to see just what clothing styles and options would be best for some of the more prevalent races that exist in my alternate universe. Here's a short list, please tell me if these work or not because my fashion is atrocious or so I'm told.

Vampires: These denizens of the night must take every precaution available when going out in broad daylight. For everyone's favorite blood suckers I was thinking of going with full or near full body clothing styles such as suits or even oversized clothing giving them a more business or grungy look depending on the direction I choose to go in. The strongest sunscreen available will do alongside a liberal use of make up and illusion magic to keep there deadness jidden fron mortals.

Werewolves: The Furry fandoms ultamate mascot these creatures of night and day normally don't have issues blending in with the world but for my series I won't make it so easy on them. With these creatures being treated as humanely as possible even in there lycan form they will have some issues with going around fully clothed thanks to there fur coats. Even in human form they'll still run a hotter core temperature than humans. So I was thinking of going with airflow supportive garments and wear in line with a more tribal look mixing it with a slight gypsy ascetic in an effort to give these guys a more cultural flare.

Dragons: These guys ooh boy. They would more than likely be the richest individual's walking the streets and not giving it a second thought. Power colors such as red, black, and white would dominate there choice of attire. Suits for business, and business casual for all other instances and occasions. Maybe throw in a subversion by having one live in poverty.

Demons: These beings come in all shapes and sizes and can hold down any profession with ease. They really just run the gambit from big business clothing to homeless leech on the streets looking for a quick buck. I'm not going to go with the standard color template of black and red for them and instead go with a more realistic color pallet suited to there profession. For example Cassandra, a succubus and a big business women would wear a traditional power suit shaded in a deep blue with high heels to match and a nice pair of sports glasses to hide her blood red irises. Stan an incubus male stripper at a night club would wear more revealing clothing such as tank tops or button ups with a few undone buttons up too for good measure.

These are only scratching the surface of the creatures and clothing I have planned out for them but tell what you guys think of what I have some far. Do the choices fit? Are they practical? Or do they need a little tween in some area that I missed. Please share your thoughts and advice below.