Yesterday, I received an unsolicited call from a small publisher that I had never heard of. They seemed impressed by my first book and offered to sell a marketing package that includes a 1-page ad in the NYT magazine, a press release, plus other promotions like media interviews. Their sales pitch concluded by saying how much their book promotions would get me the “fame” I deserve. I had to laugh when I heard that.

Then they told me how much it costs… only $5,999. Wowza! Well, sign me up for 2 packages at that “bargain” price. My response was to ask, “do you know how many books I’d have to sell to pay for that?” They countered by offering to accept installment payments and mentioned that I could include my other books in their ads to get more bang for the buck. At that point, I kindly said no thanks and asked them to remove my name/number from their distribution list.

This little phone call is a good reminder that authors should be wary about overpriced book marketing packages and/or scams. There are lots of them out there. If you have any doubts, research the company making the offer. ALLi has a wonderful site with reviews of different publishing companies… Also, ask lots of questions and be sure you know exactly what you are getting before you sign anything. I hope this tip helps.

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