What did you write TODAY?

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Thread: What did you write TODAY?

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    What did you write TODAY?

    Okay, we have not done this for a while.
    This is a chance for you to show off what you wrote today.
    A page or a paragraph, your call.
    No cherry-picking from last book...has to be something you wrote today.
    If you didn't write nuthin' today, then post something tomorrow.
    The thread will still be here...

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    Rough free-writing, second person POV...

    You weren’t supposed to work Holidays no more. Always said you put in the time, ten years, twenny, you work your way toward a normal goddamn life. So you take the shitty hours, the shitty pay, the cussings and the cryings and the I’ll-kill-ya-when-I-get-out-you-and-your-fambly and you roll wivvit baby. Christmases, New Years, Hannukah...all of it, you work. But thirty years in, you ain’t supposed to work holidays no more.
    But then, see, you get that call.

    A call late at night. Fourth July. It's Goosman Corner, Bensonhurst, yeah you know it? Sure, you know it, you say, Jesus Christ Ernie! Who ya talkin’ to? He says sorry sorry. You write it all down with the marker pen you sleep with in your pocket though it drives Celia plain nuts. Beside you the blue lights on clock sez it’s two-eighteen. Celia she’s out cold. Snorin’ even as the pen scrapes like a cat with overgrown claws who wants in at the window.

    Okay, you say. Okay.

    You hang up the call, go to your closet, put on an old Nicks sweater and pair of jeans and sneakers without socks. Like hell you’re dressing nice for this shit, you think. Yes, no, shit is right. Some kid - you know this story - some kid got drunk or high or both and pulled a dumb stunt didn’t he? Or maybe got robbed. Or maybe they was doing the robbing. Plenty of ways to end up dead in this town. Plenty of reasons. So why me, you think, as you pull the sweater over your head. Why the fuck me?

    Hoyce is waiting at the gates with two patrol guys setting up a cordon. Ernie ain’t there. Went back to the station, Hoyce tells you. Probably needed to jack off He haws like a donkey and goes to grab coffee.. DeMaria and Mazzito are talking to witnesses. Witnesses, you say. Witnesses, Ernesto, another one of ‘em, tells you. What did they see? I think you better speak with them yourself. C’mon. No I’m serious. Fine, the fuck ever.

    The witnesses are a woman and a man.

    Well ‘man’ is probably a goddamn stretch, this Kid’s face it looks just like a baby’s ass and he’s wearing those shitty sneakers what cost $500 a pair. The woman though, she’s fine, well, in a Midtown slut kinda way. She got that dirty blond hair. Pair of dark eyes. Sickly sweet smelling, reminds you of a rat-infested Chinatown bakery, but it's still nice enough. Best of all, pair of big titties. Just like Celia’s used be. Only trouble is her face. Like a ghost's face it is.

    You smile at them. Only smiling it don’t do much with these two. The woman she don’t even look alive. Even for a crime witness, you think she looks freaked. So you talk to the man, the boy. Well what did you see, you ask him, way his pop might. Just tell me how it is, okay?

    You haven’t seen him yet have you mister, the boy says, his voice a quivering wisp. How he looks?

    Not yet, you say. But I know what happened.

    Nope, he says. You don’t.

    "If you don't like my peaches, don't shake my tree."

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    I was writing about point of view and present versus past. So i naturally worried about what "today" in the title would mean when it becomes tomorrow? [Added: It's a point of view thing.] (I will answer tonight to avoid that issue.)

    There is a tendency to talk about the present in progressive.

    Where are you going?
    What are you doing?

    And there's a tendency to talk about the past with regular verbs:

    How did you do at the race yesterday?
    Where did you go yesterday?

    So, if you are talking to someone on the phone, and they say

    I walk.

    That's strange.
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